Crystal Temple

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Crystal Temple

Map CrystalTemple.png

Theme: Beachside Hill
Home To: Stevonnie
Sizes: Standard

Crystal Temple is one of the Maps available in Brawlhalla, added as part of the Steven Universe crossover. This map is a rocky but grassy platform, full of vibrant foliage and several floating platforms. In the background, the actual Crystal Temple can be seen, a beachside hill which serves as home base to the Crystal Gems. The giant statue on the front of the hill is of Obsidian, another character from the Steven Universe series.


  • Standard: A single main-platform with two soft platforms above it, both platforms parallel to each other.
  • Big: The soft platforms have been moved to the center of the stage and are one on top of the other. Two sets of parallel platforms have been added to both sides, grassy ones closer to the center and diamond ones closer off the edges. The map's killzone is close to these diamond platforms, making it easy to KO from there.
Map CrystalTemple.png
Intended for 1v1 or 2v2 matches.
Map CrystalTemple Large.png
Intended for free-for-all matches.


Hidden beetles
  • A hidden detail can be observed when looking at the cave in the main platform: an Earth and a Heaven Beetle (as pictured on left). These beetles are small enough to go unnoticed by most players.
  • The music for this map was changed in patch 5.09. The original music can be heard here.