Dracula's Castle

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Dracula's Castle

Map Dracula'sCastle.png

Theme: Demon Castle
Home To: Simon Belmont
Sizes: Small

Dracula's Castle (and Inverted Dracula's Castle) is one of the Maps available in Brawlhalla, added as part of the Castlevania crossover. This map is based directly off Count Dracula's Castle from the Castlevania series, a tall, grim castle with many towers built upon a giant mountain in Transylvania. The stage itself features gothic designs, with angel wall sculptures, a taurus-faced clock, and a stained glass window of Count Dracula himself. In the red-skied background, bats can be seen flying from the castle.


  • Small: The stage is flipped fully upside-down, including the background. There is a soft platform just off each side of the stage, and the ceiling is broken and curved.
  • Standard: A large middle platform with a flat, small ceiling, and two soft platforms close to the ceiling. Both the stage and ceiling have short walls that curve inward.
Inverted Dracula's Castle
Map InvertedDracula'sCastle.png
Intended for 1v1 matches.
Dracula's Castle
Map Dracula'sCastle.png
Intended for free-for-all and 2v2 matches.