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Glory in Brawlhalla

Glory is a currency in the game Brawlhalla. It can be used to buy cosmetics from the Ranked section of Mallhalla.

There are two ways to earn Glory:

  • Play at least 10 ranked matches - Glory will be awarded at the end of the season.
  • Reach win/rating milestones in the Seasonal Ranked Queue.

Calculating Earned Glory

The calculation takes into account 2 statistics from your ranked season; your peak Elo and your total number of ranked wins.

An online glory calculator is available on the official Brawlhalla website.

Glory Earned from Peak Elo
Peak Elo Formula
<1200 Glory from Elo -1199.svg
1200-1285 Glory from Elo 1200-1285.svg
1286-1389 Glory from Elo 1286-1389.svg
1390-1679 Glory from Elo 1390-1679.svg
1680-1999 Glory from Elo 1680-1999.svg
2000-2299 Glory from Elo 2000-2299.svg
≥2300 Glory from Elo 2300-.svg
Where a is your peak Elo.
Glory Earned from Wins
Wins Formula
≤150 Glory from Wins -150.svg
>150 Glory from Wins 151-.svg
Where t is your total win count.