Mahou Shoujo Weapons

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Mahou Shoujo Weapons
Mahou Shoujo Weapons.png
Items in Set: 4
Cost per Item: Free
Cost for Whole Set: Free

The Mahou Shoujo Weapons are a Skin Set available in the game Brawlhalla. The weapon skins in this set can be obtained as Viewership Rewards through tracks made for Dev Streams.

The skins in this set are based on the Japanese Magical Girl genre (known as Mahou Shoujo in Japanese). As such, their designs borrow themes often seen in this genre of media: bright colors like white, pink, and gold, pronounced symbols such as hearts, stars, and wings, and an overall sleek and otherworldly appearance to give the weapons a magical flair.

There are currently 4 skins included in this set.


Name Image Availability
Sweet Magi ☆ Dream Spear Sweet Magi ☆ Dream Spear.png Dev Streams #11
April 25th - September 26th, 2023
Lucky Magi ☆ Sparkling Sword Lucky Magi ☆ Sparkling Sword.png Dev Streams #12
October 3rd, 2023 - March 12th, 2024
Breezy Magi ☆ Skyward Strikers Breezy Magi ☆ Skyward Strikers.png Dev Streams #13
since March 15th, 2024
Brave Magi ☆ Twinkling Justice Brave Magi ☆ Twinkling Justice.png Future Viewership Reward