Mammoth Fortress

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Mammoth Fortress

Map MammothFortress.png

Theme: Ancient Civilization
Home To: Gnash
Sizes: Small

Mammoth Fortress is one of the Maps available in Brawlhalla. It is a flat arena on top of an ancient stone house, with a single floating soft platform that moves over time. In the background can be seen a large, mammoth-shaped stone with many cave dwellings carved into the side and coming out the top. The design of the houses in the background resemble ancient Mediterranean buildings.

The soft platform moves between 4 stages: offstage on the left, in the center, offstage on the right, and in the top right. The order of the stages is: left offstage - center - right offstage - top right - left offstage. The platform stays in each stage for 20-22 seconds.


  • Small: Flat stage with short outer walls.
  • Standard: The outer walls of the stage are longer.
Map MammothFortress Small.png
Intended for 1v1 matches.
Map MammothFortress.png
Intended for 2v2 and free-for-all matches.