Patch 7.04

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Patch 7.04
Release Date: February 15, 2023
Previous Patch: Patch 7.03
Next Patch: Patch 7.05



Can you withstand the strength of waves upon waves of horrifying Gargoyles? Defend the portals in Nightmare Horde, an extreme difficulty variation of the classic Horde Mode.

When you’re not busy defeating creatures from the fiery underworld, check out the new Disarmed visual effects that have been added to the Experimental queue. Then, head on down to Mallhalla, where you’ll find the New West Cassidy Skin bursting through the saloon doors ready for a standoff duel. If fighting those gargoyles tires you out, try the new Faint Emote. We’ve also added 9 new Avatars, including country flags and Doodles, so stand ready with your Avatar Cape and Flag Emote!

We’ve also added new challenges to the Challenges Preview available in Offline Play, made game improvements, bug fixes, and so much more. Log in and get ready to BRAWL!

Nightmare Horde

Patch 7.04 introduces a different kind of challenge to Brawlhalla. When selecting Horde mode in both Custom Lobbies and Offline Play, you’ll have the option to select between classic Horde and the new Nightmare Horde mode.

Nightmare Horde is our first ever extreme difficulty variation of an existing Game Mode. Featuring all new gargoyle creature designs and an exclusive Horde variation of Demon Island. The rules are the same, earn the most points by stopping the approaching gargoyles from entering the portals.

This is intended to be extremely difficult for even the most accomplished portal defenders. Team up with your most trusted allies and see if you can withstand the onslaught!

Patch704 img1.png

New Mallhalla Items

Patch704 img2.jpg

New West Cassidy

  • “She’s got a quick-draw that rivals a four-armed gunslinger’s!”
  • There’s a new sheriff in town, and she moonlights as a saloon owner! Cassidy’s ready to face any outlaw or confront any unruly patrons with her gilded Bovine Skull Mallet and Rose Gold Revolvers.
Patch704 img3.jpg


Faint Emote

  • “That KO knocked ME out!”


The Kitsune

  • “Let me tell you the tale of the blind seamstress and the thousand wolves.”

New Doodle Avatars

  • Ezioodle
  • Cheloodle
  • Tezcoodle

New Country Flag Avatars

  • North Macedonia
  • US Virgin Islands
  • Panama
  • Tunisia
  • United Arab Emirates

Patch704 img4.png

New Challenges

In Patch 7.02 we introduced a preview of the new Challenges system. As we continue to expand this preview, this update includes 2 more challenges for players to test their skills.

Battle Boots Offstage Carry

  • This Battle Boots string demonstrates the Battle Boots ability to carry your opponent offstage.

Katar Half Pipe Variation 1

  • This destructive Katar string is great when you catch your opponents without a dodge! It has many variations. Try this variation that ends with a powerful finisher!

Legend Tags

We’ve added tags in “Meet the Legends” to clarify which Legends qualify for certain Battle Pass Missions. Note that different Skins may have unique tags, so make sure to check them all out!

Patch704 img5.png

Player Indicator Enhancements

There are some new updates to the player indicator preferences.

  • Names and icons can now be set individually to appear over just yourself, all players, team, or no one
  • New “mixed” icon mode that displays different icons per team.
  • New Name/Icon size preference option allows players to make icons and/or names larger or smaller.
  • Added an outline to icons to make them more visible.

This update should help everyone, especially colorblind players, know which player is on which team during gameplay.These changes reflect our ongoing efforts to make Brawlhalla more accessible to all.

Patch704 img6.png

Test Features

We’re excited to add a new test feature that shows an effect that indicates when a Legend has been disarmed. This can be played in the Experimental queue and any Custom Game with Test Features enabled. Also, the Dodge Cooldown changes have been removed from Test Features and did not graduate.

New Disarmed Visual Effects

There is a new visual effect that shows when a Legend has been disarmed by an opponent. The effect appears as bright colored sparks that fly off the Legend.

Patch704 img7.png

Experimental Dodge Cooldown

The Dodge Cooldown changes have been removed from Test Features. The longer cooldown proved to be too punishing and resulted in fewer moments of interaction for most players, with less incentive to maintain ground control or return to the ground.

Game Improvements

User Experience

  • Tweaked the “Wants to Rematch” graphic to make it easier to read against detailed Podiums.


  • Updated server lobby abbreviation for Southern Africa from SA to SAF.
  • Improved timeouts for public custom lobby listings to reduce the number of inactive game lobbies.

Art & Animation

  • Added sound fx to the High Five Emote variant for Default, Wendigo, and Onisan Sidekicks.
  • Added sound fx to the PhotoOp Emote.
  • Updated team Color exclusions and Map color exclusions for newer Colors and Maps.
  • Performance improvements for Arcadia, Ezio, Isaiah & Tezca.
  • The Drum Solo, Cake-aversary, and Raise Your Vote Emotes now make the Legend face right so that the text on the Emotes always face the correct direction.
  • Adjusted Jaeyun’s Legend select animation so that his feet are better aligned with his shins.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the bot pathing on Western Air Temple. (Credit: Talafhah1)
  • Fix for Western Air Temple so players can’t travel around underneath the platform. (Credit: FoxMENA)

Art & Animation

  • Adjusted the unarmed Ground Pound animation to fix torso & head clipping issues with Legends & Skins that have tall torsos.
  • Adjusted Tezca’s Legend select animation so that his shin doesn’t clip through his Battle Boots.
  • Fixed an animation issue where Legends’ toes would disconnect when doing the Satsui no Hado Emote.
  • Fixed an animation issue with the Blow a Kiss Emote where the Legend’s forearms were upside down.
  • Fixed layering issues with Caspian, Fait, and Teros’ Legend select animations.
  • Fixed a layering issue where Lucien’s arm would sometimes disappear during his Neutral Blasters animation.
  • Fixed an animation issue with Jiro’s Side Sword Signature where it would cause his arms to disconnect for some Skins.