The Gifts of Asgard

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The Gifts of Asgard
Social Media Weapons.jpg
Items in Set: 7
Cost per Item: Free
Cost for Whole Set: Free

The Gifts of Asgard is a Skin Set available in the game Brawlhalla. Unlike most Weapons and Skin Sets, all the weapons in The Gifts of Asgard set cost nothing, and instead are acquired by following Brawlhalla's official social media accounts or through Twitch Drops.

The skins in this set all feature a similar design: silver blades and edges mounted upon a dark blue base, with each weapon featuring a distinct blue and purple opal. The silver parts of these weapons all contain symbols engraved on them, bearing a strong resemblance to Viking runes.

There are currently 7 skins included in this set.


Name Image Acquisition
Sword of the Raven Sword of the Raven.png Follow @Brawlhalla on Twitter
Axe of the World Eagle Axe of the World Eagle.png Subscribe to Brawlhalla on YouTube
Odin's Spear Odin's Spear.png Follow Brawlhalla on Facebook
Katars of the Raven Katars of the Raven.png Follow Brawlhalla on Twitch
Raven's Talon Raven's Talon.png Follow @ProBrawlhalla on Twitter
Hraesvelgr's Eyes Hraesvelgr's Eyes.png Subscribe to ProBrawlhalla on Youtube
Tyr's Fists Tyr's Fists.png Brawlhalla Category Rewards #2
Twitch Drop