Valhalla Pack

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Valhalla Pack
DLC Valhalla Pack.jpg
Type: DLC
Cost: $14.99 USD
Availability: Aug 26, 2015 - Oct 30, 2018
Items in Pack: 4

The Valhalla Pack was DLC available for the game Brawlhalla. This DLC was available to support Brawlhalla before its official release. All items from the pack can still be obtained from the Collectors Pack.


Name Image
Coin Mammoth.png 500 Mammoth Sack.png
Founder's Insignia UI Founders NamePlate.png
Cogsworth Bot Cogsworth.png
Founder's Signet Avatar Founder's Signet.png


  • This DLC pack used to give Coin Mammoth.png 430, but was changed to Coin Mammoth.png 500 when Mammoth coin prices were changed in patch 2.9.2. All previous owners of the pack earned Coin Mammoth.png 70 on this update to make up for the change.
  • This DLC pack was originally planned to be named the "Ready to Brawl Pack."