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While many characters from other franchises have joined Brawlhalla as crossovers, a few of Brawlhalla's own characters have appeared as cameos in other games.

Rivals of Aether

Rivals of Aether release art of Ragnir.jpg

In late 2016, Rivals of Aether creator Dan Fornace proposed a challenge to Brawlhalla: a race to get 20,000 Twitter followers, where the loser would have to make a skin for their game based on a character from the other. In the end, however, both games would add a new skin.

This resulted in Rivals of Aether adding a Ragnir skin for the character Maypul, on January 17, 2018. This skin can be purchased as DLC for $3.99 USD.

By default, Maypul uses two leaf blades and many grass-based attacks. Alongside changing her appearance, the Ragnir skin uses Katars instead of leaf blades, along with several other changes:

  • All leaf and vine attacks/dodges are replaced with fire moves.
  • Maypul's throwable seeds are replaced with Spike Balls.
  • Maypul's plant is replaced with a weapon drop that turns into an axe upon hitting an enemy.
  • Maypul's taunt is replaced with the Next Level emote.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

MightyQuest Banner.jpg

On May 20, 2021, a crossover between Ubisoft's Mighty Quest and Brawlhalla was announced. This included the addition of Orion to Mighty Quest as an armor set. From May 20th to May 27th, 2021, the Orion Event was held, during which players could complete limited quests for a chance to unlock pieces of Orion's armor.

In game, Orion fights with his spear and hold a shield in his offhand. His set has two abilities that affect the "Meteor" skill: "Fire Barrage," which makes meteors stun enemies and shoot in front of the player instead of randomly, and "Sunforged Signature," which gives a 50% chance to cast Meteor for free on last hits.

Mighty Quest would later be shut down on September 1, 2022. Orion's in-game appearance can still be seen on an artist's ArtStation gallery.


Growtopia Banner.png

On January 24, 2022, Ubisoft announced an event in Growtopia for UbiWeek, which would bring characters from different Ubisoft games to Growtopia. This included cosmetics based on Bödvar and Val.

The Bödvar and Val cosmetics could be unlocked on January 28, 2022, either through purchase ($9.99 USD each) or as a random reward after completing surgery on another player.

When equipped, both cosmetics give the player the ability to double jump and have further attack range. Bödvar uses his hammer to swing and shoot out energy blasts, while Val uses her gauntlets to shoot out energy shuriken that stick inside blocks.

Ubisoft All-Star Blast!

Bödvar's in-game appearance.

Ubisoft All-Star Blast! is a Bomberman clone which released on April 4, 2022. This game is published by Ubisoft and features tie-ins with different Ubisoft titles, including Bödvar as an unlockable character.

Bödvar can be unlocked as a daily reward by logging into the game 3 days in a row. Character's starting perks can be upgraded with coins, which include the following for Bödvar:

  • 100 coins - Start with +1 extra speed (2/7 total speed)
  • 500 coins - Start with +1 blast radius (2 tiles each direction)
  • 1000 coins - Start with +1 bomb (2/7 total bombs)

Hungry Shark World

Mako's in-game appearance.

Hungry Shark World is a side scroller for mobile and console, published by Ubisoft. The player controls a shark and eats smaller fish and other sea creatures to survive and score points.

On February 28, 2023, a collaboration was released between Brawlhalla and Hungry Shark World. This includes the addition of a skin based on Mako, for the large-sized mako shark class. The skin can be earned from the game's season 3 battle pass, as a level 5 reward.

Roblox: Weapon Fighting Simulator

Weapon Fighting Simulator is an experience in the game Roblox, developed by Lightning Dragon Studio. On November 5th, 2023, it was announced that Brawlhalla would have a limited time crossover event in this simulator game. The event ran from November 15-29, 2023.

This event adds Mordex, Hattori, and Loki into the game for a limited time. Mordex and Hattori act as NPCs, while Loki acts as a boss fight. There are also 3 weapons that can be unlocked, based on weapons from Brawlhalla:

  • Cull, for completing Mordex's quests.
  • Katana, for completing Hattori's quests.
  • Asgardian Spear, for completing Loki's quests.

Crossover reveal trailer.