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Community Colors

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Type: Color
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Community Colors or "CCs" is a Color in Brawlhalla. Unlike other Colors, CCs can only be obtained via store codes. Redeeming a code for CCs will immediately unlock this Color for every Legend currently released and any future legends.

These codes are most often available through Viewership Rewards, where it is sometimes available as a reward for watching the official Brawlhalla stream on Twitch. Before the Viewership Rewards program was introduced, CCs codes were most commonly available through giveaways done at the end of Dev Streams.

There are many other ways to get CCs. Some content creators will leave a code in their video or in the comment section. Community contest winners have a chance to win CCs as a reward. Some unofficial tourneys give away CCs as a reward for placing well. CCs can also be purchased on websites like eBay and Etsy; though the developers allow redistribution, they advise against purchasing codes.

CCs used to be a Steam exclusive as they were distributed via a Steam code. This was later switched to a code that works in the in-game store on most devices. Due to Apple's Terms of Service, it is impossible to redeem codes on iOS devices.


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