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Color White.png
Bödvar White.png
In-game appearance

Type: Color
Cost: Coin Gold.png 10,000 per Legend
Store Description: Subtle off-white coloring. Tasteful accents. It even has a silver trim.
Main Colors: Palette White.png
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White is a Color in Brawlhalla. It can be purchased for Coin Gold.png 10,000 per Legend once that Legend is Level 10 or higher.

The store description for this Color is a reference to the American Psycho business card scene.


Visit the following pages to preview how this Color looks on different cosmetics:


When White was first released in 2015, the color scheme was white with light-gold accents. This would be adjusted several times to its current design after user feedback.

Bödvar White 1.16.0.png
Old Appearance
Color White 1.16.0.png
Old Icon

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