Charged OG

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Charged OG

Color Charged OG.png
Bödvar Charged OG.png
In-game appearance

Type: Color
Main Colors: Palette Charged OG.png
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Charged OG is a Color in Brawlhalla.

When first introduced, this color was available during the MTN DEW Event, and was unlocked per Legend by winning a matchmaking game as that Legend. This did not unlock the color for future Legends.

This color was re-released as a store code through Brawlhalla Viewership Rewards. This code unlocks the color scheme for all current and future Legends. Codes for this color have so far only been available through the 2020 Mammoth Cup track and the 2021 Mammoth Invitational track.

This color was re-released again as a store code through Twitch Drops. These codes unlock the color for a single random legend.


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