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The Friends List, as its name implies, is a list containing all friends from the player's platform that have played Brawlhalla. It can be accessed from the right-hand corner menu.

This feature is exclusive to PC and consoles; it does not exist on mobile.


The Friends List will display all users who are friends with you on the same platform (Steam, Playstation, etc.) and who have played Brawlhalla at least once.

Friends who are online will display their Avatar and have several interactions by selecting their name. Players who are offline show a unique offline avatar, and can not be interacted with.

The offline avatar.

The following interactions can be made by selecting an online friend's name:

  • Join - joins friend if they are in a lobby.
  • Spectate - spectates friend if they are in a match.
  • Invite - invites friend to the player's lobby.
  • Invite to Clan - invites friend to player's Clan (PC only).

Any invites sent to a friend will cause an alert to pop up in the bottom left of their screen, which can then be accepted or rejected from the Notifications menu in the top right.

Adding Friends

The option to add friends is given through the Game Room menu, found on the corner menu when in a lobby (pre-game or post-game).

By selecting a player's name on this menu, there will be the option to either "Add to Friends", "View Profile", or "View Gamercard" (depending on the platform). This will allow the player to send a friend request, and become friends on the player's platform of choice. If this option is greyed out, it means the player is playing on a different platform.

There is no way for players on different platforms to be friends.


The friends list can be useful to quickly invite friends to a lobby, but can't help for those who don't have access to it, such as mobile players and cross-platform friends. The alternative when playing together is to use the Room Number.

A room number is a series of 6 digits that appears at the top of the lobby. The player who created the lobby should send this number to their friends, which can then be entered through the "Join Room" option of the Custom Game Room menu.


  • If the player is on a platform where users can change their names, friends will always show the name used when last logged into Brawlhalla, even if they have changed it on the platform.