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Weapon Skins are cosmetics that modify the appearance of weapons. A weapon skin can be equipped by any Legend that uses that weapon by selecting the weapon skin in the lobby.

Weapon skins can be obtained in many ways; some can be purchased directly from the Store while others are included with the purchase of Legend Skins. Weapon skins are also available in the Battle Pass, certain DLC, and in some cases by following Brawlhalla social media.

Favoriting Weapon Skins

When selecting a weapon skin, pressing the "Toggle Favorite" button (1 on keyboard, Button RStick Press.png on controller) will mark the currently selected weapon skin as one of your favorites. This will put a star next to their icon, and move their placement to the front of your weapon skin list. Favorited weapons are ordered by latest favorited weapon skin.

List of Weapon Skins

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