Patch 7.10

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Patch 7.10
Release Date: July 12, 2023
Previous Patch: Patch 7.09
Next Patch: Patch 7.11



Witness the rise of the legendary Spartan super-soldier, the Master Chief, and legendary alien warrior, the Arbiter. The pair now fight alongside one another in Valhalla! Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved introduces these 2 Epic Crossovers, a new Oddbrawl Game Mode, an armory full of Spartan and Covenant ordinance, and so much more.

Also in Patch 7.10 – we’ve graduated Downward Aerial Attack Consistency, reduced Red Raptor’s price to 5400 Gold, and made Bug Fixes & Game Improvements.

Ranked Season 28 is coming to a close, so get ready to redeem your Glory and begin a new climb to earn the coveted Valhallan rank! Ranked Season 29 begins next week on July 19th, featuring 2v2 Volleybrawl in the Seasonal Ranked Queue for the first time.

Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved

In the 26th century, humanity relentlessly fights for survival in an enduring conflict set against the backdrop of an enigmatic and ancient ringworld.

Now, the unlikely allies – the Master Chief and the Arbiter – join the Grand Tournament as Epic Crossovers featuring unique weapon Skins, lock-in animations, dedicated roster spots, and custom Signature FX featuring Guilty Spark and The Flood.

Train to become a Spartan yourself by trying out the new Oddbrawl Game Mode and battling on the new Halo Map!

Additional UNSC and Covenant forces join the fight including Avatars and Emojis featuring Cortana, a Grunt Explosion KO Effect, a Banshee Sidekick. Find these and more Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved items in Mallhalla.

Epic Crossovers

The Master Chief

  • “Thought I’d try shooting my way out. Mix things up a little.”
  • A man alone, even among his own kind. The Master Chief is a legendary Spartan-II super soldier and defender of humanity from galactic threats around every corner.
  • Mirrors the abilities of Isaiah (Blasters/Cannon).

The Arbiter

  • “What would you have your Arbiter do?”
  • Once the most respected warrior in the Covenant, the Arbiter was stripped of rank and betrayed by the Prophets, now he fights alongside humanity and the Master Chief.
  • Mirrors the abilities of Sidra (Sword/Cannon).

Patch710 img1.png

New Game Mode Oddbrawl

  • Inspired by the game mode, “Oddball”.
  • Earn points passively by holding the flaming skull called the Oddball. Earn extra points by landing attacks with it! Get the most points before time runs out to win!
  • Play this new game mode in the Brawl of the Week and in Custom Lobbies.

Weapon Skins

M7 SMG & Plasma Rifle

  • “Spartan + Covenant = W”
  • Blasters Skin
  • For the first time ever – wield different Blasters in each hand in Brawlhalla!


  • “Dual Wielding Needlers, anyone?”
  • Blasters Skin


  • “Time to crack some skulls.”
  • An animated Orb Skin – the first to go straight to Malhalla!


  • “Is this what the Spartans used to train with?”
  • Orb Skin

Gravity Hammer

  • “That looks heavy.”
  • Hammer Skin

Patch710 img2.png



  • “HONK HONK!”
  • Bonus: any player can emote nearby to hop on the back of the Mongoose.
  • Honk the horn and rev the engine on one of the UNSC’s top ground vehicles, the M274 Mongoose.



  • “Hold X to enter vehicle. Just kidding! That doesn’t work here.”
  • A Covenant aerial support craft ready to carry you into the fight.

KO Effect

Grunt Explosion

  • “Happy birth- oh, oops!”

Patch710 img3.png


  • Cortana’s Goodbye – “Welcome home, John.”
  • John-117 – “A legendary Spartan, but a man of few words.”
  • The Flood – “Small but deadly.”
  • The Banished – “A splinter faction from the Covenant that now rebels against it.”
  • The UNSC – “The United Nations Space Command’s mission is to protect humanity!”
  • Halo – “Combat Evolved”

Patch710 img4.png


  • The Master Chief GG – “Good game, we gained the lead.”
  • The Arbiter WP – “Well played… for a Spartan.”
  • Cortana Wave – “Hi! Glad you woke up, Chief!”
  • Brute Rage – “RAAAAARGGGHHH!!!!”
  • Warthog BRB – “Enemies approaching. Be right back!”

Patch710 img5.png

The Brawlhalla: Combat Evolved Epic Crossover event also includes:

  • Free “Spartan” Title for logging in during the Event.
  • New Map: Halo
  • New Splash art and UI Theme.
  • Original main menu, character select, and victory theme music.
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate this Epic Crossover event!

Patch710 img6.png

Graduated Test Features

Downward Aerial Attack Consistency is graduating into all queues!

This feature makes it easier to perform a downward attack without being platform canceled by a soft platform. Down Light or Down Signature attacks will ignore platform canceling when the down input is held for 4 or more frames.

This prevents accidental platform cancels when a fastfall Down-Air or Ground-Pound was intended.


This patch contains Red Raptor’s first round of adjustments, which makes him legal for use in official tournaments beginning with the 2023 Summer Championship. Other general balance is locked for the upcoming Summer Championship.


Legend Changes

We have increased the Recover time on Red Raptor’s Neutral Orb for greater risk to better match its significant threat coverage.

Red Raptor’s Side Orb now has greater Time to Hit, a slower maximum travel speed, less travel speed during its Recover time, and greater Recover time, allowing for more opportunity to dodge and punish this highly mobile signature.

We have also reduced the Force for less reward to better match the high utility of this Signature.

  • Red Raptor Neutral Orb: Increased Recover time from 20 to 23.
  • Red Raptor Side Orb: Increased Time to Hit from 17 to 19; Decreased Force from 55 Fixed/50 Variable to 55 Fixed/48 Variable; Increased Recover time from 28 to 29; Decreased Maximum travel speed; Slightly decreased travel speed after the dismount.

Bug Fixes

Art & Animation

  • Fixed a visual bug where some animated Weapons didn’t play their entire animation while falling in the air or coming in contact with the ground.
  • Fixed a bug in the Image Render Tool where Weapon Skins looked blurry.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where it said “Unknown Game Mode” when mousing over different regions.

Game Improvements

Art & Animation

  • The Blasters attachment in Isaiah’s Blasters Neutral & Side Signature attacks now color swap.