Patch 6.10

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Patch 6.10
Release Date: August 31, 2022
Previous Patch: Patch 6.09
Next Patch: Patch 6.11



This latest patch features new Background Options for Blurred Backgrounds, an update to the Ranked UI to now show if you’re in the top 1000 of your region, and multiple performance improvements! Also check out Forsaken Magyar, Mourn Emote, Bee-Bot Sidekick, new Avatars, and Ezio’s reduced price.

We also made updates to the Color Exclusion list to help players differentiate an opposing Legend’s colors from the background or from their own color. In addition, we made a balance pass that allows Ezio to be tournament legal, made some game improvements, like on the Render Tool, and much more.

Enter the Battle with Forsaken Magyar

Patch610 img1.jpg


Forsaken Magyar


Mourn Emote

  • “Noooooooo!”



  • “Buzz buzz? Vroom vroom?”


The Spectral Guardian

  • “A hundred Strazci knights ready to battle.”

Weapon drop

  • 3,2,1 – BRAWL!

New Flag Avatars

  • Montenegro
  • Slovenia
  • Trinidad and Tobago

Ezio’s price has also been reduced to 5400 Gold!

Patch610 img2.png

New Background Options

New Background Options are available in the Settings menu. Players having issues tracking the movement of Legends on screen can now choose to also blur the backgrounds in-game.

  • Default Backgrounds – Beautiful Brawlhalla backgrounds and animations.
  • Simple Backgrounds – Backgrounds that have animated effects will not animate.
  • Blurred Background – Backgrounds will be blurred based off of the setting of low, medium or high. Animated effects will also not animate.

Patch610 img3.png

Color Exclusion Update

Color exclusion occurs when an opposing Legend’s color scheme would be too visually similar to another Legend’s color scheme or to the background. The game will automatically display the Legend with a different, more contrasting color scheme.

We have expanded the list of exclusions the game checks for in this update. This is another step towards helping players differentiate an opposing Legend’s colors from the background or from their own color.

For example, Skyforged could potentially cause difficulty in readability when matched against colors like Gray and Purple. This update helps improve readability for this case and others.

Color exclusion only affects how you see your opponent. If you select a color scheme like Skyforged, you will always see your Legend in Skyforged.

Patch610 img4.png

Ranked UI Update

Before this update, if you rank in the top 250 global in 1v1 or 2v2s, a window appears in the ranked lobby that shows your current global rank.

Now, this window displays your ranking amongst the top 1000 in your region. For example, if you are ranked number 1000 or higher in US-E, it will now display your ranking and your region of US-E. If you are number 1001 in US-E, this window will not be shown.

Patch610 img5.png

Game Improvements

User Experience

Improved gameplay performance in-match:

  • We’ve made several improvements that should result in smoother, more consistent frame rates by reducing the number of dropped frames (momentary hitches).
  • These performance improvements are ongoing. We will have additional performance improvements in 6.11 and in future patches!
  • Decreased network latency on Steam to match the latency of other platforms.

Render Tool Update: Epic Skins and Crossovers now display their unique selected poses if they have one.

  • When switching to a new item after rendering an item, the new item will no longer have its resolution cropped.

Patch610 img6.png

Bug Fixes

User Experience

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you would gain or lose 0 Elo.

User Interface

  • Fixed a bug where the Bounty and Street Brawl game mode icons were not displaying in the Public Games list.
  • On consoles, fixed a bug where the level select thumbnails wouldn’t show when players picked different Maps.


  • Fixed a bug where the For Rest Emote sound effects kept looping.

Art & Animation

  • Fixed a visual bug where the charge FX and star were missing for Orion Prime and Fangwild’s Heart Ember.
  • Fixed a visual bug on the Winter’s Grave Scythe back away pose where in some circumstances the Default Scythe Weapon Skin would show instead.


We have made several quality-of-life improvements for key attacks on a number of Weapons, as well as improvements in reliability for underutilized Signature attacks. This patch also contains Ezio’s first round of balance adjustments, which makes him legal for use in official tournaments. This will be the last balance pass before the Brawlhalla World Championship 2022.

Blasters Icon.png


The Blasters Ground Pound now has a more gentle trigger hit for more reliable use when striking opponents at the edge of the attack or near solid geometry like a stage wall or floor.

  • Blasters Ground Pound: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit.

Gauntlets Icon.png


We have slightly increased the Recover time on miss for the Gauntlet Side Air to better match its high utility in offstage movement and edgeguards. The Side Air has also received larger threat coverage on the on-hit follow-up, allowing it to be used in most cases against a wall where it previously would not connect.

  • Gauntlets Side Air: Increased Recover time on miss from 1 Fixed/21 Variable to 3 Fixed/21 Variable; Increased threat coverage near the user for the second swing on hit for more reliable use against walls.

Greatsword Icon.png


The Greatsword’s Attack Cancel window now starts earlier for several Bridge attacks that had recently been made quicker. This earlier window decreases the time between an immediate Bridge attack and the following Finisher, restoring the tighter Dodge Windows that previously existed for certain attack chains.

  • Greatsword Side Bridge (from Neutral Opener): Decreased Attack Cancel time from 22 to 20.
  • Greatsword Side Bridge (from Down Opener): Decreased Attack Cancel time from 20 to 18.
  • Greatsword Down Bridge (from Neutral Opener): Decreased Attack Cancel time from 18 to 16.
  • Greatsword Down Bridge (from Side Opener): Decreased Attack Cancel time from 19 to 17.

Grapple Hammer Icon.png


The last round of adjustments for Hammer Down Light included an increase to the Recover time on miss, which proved to make this attack too vulnerable. We have slightly decreased the Recover time on miss to bring it halfway between its two previous values for a more appropriate amount of risk during quicker-paced gameplay.

  • Hammer Down Light: Decreased Recover time on miss from 8 Fixed/20 Variable to 6 Fixed/20 Variable.

Katars Icon.png


The Katar Side Light now has a consistent Recover time on hit across all Dexterity values, allowing for similar frame advantage and Dodge Windows between follow-up attacks for all Legends. The Recover time on miss still maintains its Variable duration based on Dexterity. We have also slightly reduced the Stun of Katar Recovery to allow a Dodge Window in most cases of immediate repeat use.

  • Katar Side Light: Changed Recover time on hit from 1 Fixed/7 Variable to 5 Fixed/0 Variable.
  • Katar Recovery: Decreased Stun from 21 to 20.

Scythe Icon.png


The Scythe Recovery attack now has a slightly different setup location from the multi-hit portion, for more reliable use against walls and when striking opponents near the very edge of the attack at the end of its Hit Window.

  • Scythe Recovery: Fixed a case where the target could be dropped before the final hit, especially when performed against a wall.
Portrait Asuri.png


We have decreased the Minimum Charge time of Asuri’s Side Katars and Side Sword for quicker response and more reliable use in the heat of battle. Asuri’s Side Sword also begins its movement slightly earlier to maintain its current range on tap.

  • Asuri Side Katars: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 15 to 12.
  • Asuri Side Sword: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 16 to 13; Decreased time before movement from 15 to 12.
Portrait Cassidy.png


Cassidy’s Neutral Blasters now has less Recover time for less risk to better fit its role as an anti-air attack. Cassidy’s Side Hammer now deals most of its damage on the final swing, as striking opponents from maximum range would previously grant a notably low reward.

  • Cassidy Neutral Blasters: Decreased total Recover time from 18 to 16.
  • Cassidy Side Hammer: Redistributed damage to have a greater emphasis on the final swing, but total damage remains the same.
Portrait Cross.png


We have decreased the Force of Cross’ Neutral Gauntlets, Side Gauntlets, and Down Blasters to bring the knockout power of these attacks closer in line with other similarly low-range or low-priority attacks on high Strength legends.

  • Cross Neutral Gauntlets: Decreased Force from 75 Fixed/55 Variable to 75 Fixed/50 Variable.
  • Cross Side Gauntlets: Decreased Force from 70 Fixed/57 Variable to 70 Fixed/52 Variable.
  • Cross Down Blasters: Decreased Force from 75 Fixed/55 Variable to 75 Fixed/53 Variable.
Portrait Dusk.png


Dusk’s Neutral Spear now has less Recover time on miss for more appropriate risk given its role as a precise anti-air attack.

  • Dusk Neutral Spear: Decreased total Recover time on miss from 16 to 13.
Portrait Ezio.png


Ezio’s Side Sword now travels farther when performed while moving for greater range and more reliable use, as it previously fell short of most other similar attacks. We have increased the Cooldown time of Ezio’s Down Sword and increased the effect of Directional Influence when struck by repeat uses of this attack to allow escape options from overly long team combos. Ezio’s Neutral Orb has received an increase to its risk with greater Recovery time on miss, and a decrease to its reward with less Force to better match other anti-air attacks of similar speed and coverage. Ezio’s Side Orb now has greater Minimum Charge time and greater Recover time, allowing for more reasonable vulnerability and a reactable total Time to Hit.

  • Ezio Side Sword: Increased momentum bonus at the beginning of the attack from movement such as a dash.
  • Ezio Down Sword: Greatly increased maximum allowed angle of Directional Influence when struck by a repeat instance of this attack in a single combo; Increased Cooldown Time on miss from 15 to 25; Increased Cooldown Time on hit from 11 to 38.
  • Ezio Neutral Orb: Increased total Recover time from 17 to 20; Decreased Force from 65 Fixed/56 Variable to 65 Fixed/53 Variable.
  • Ezio Side Orb: Increased Minimum Charge time from 12 to 14; Increased total Recover time from 21 to 25.
Portrait Isaiah.png


Isaiah’s Side Cannon was previously too slow across the board so we have reduced its Time to Hit, Recovery time on miss, and increased its movement bonus. This greatly increases its overall range and reliability, while also decreasing its relative risk.

  • Isaiah Side Cannon: Decreased Time to Hit from 19 to 16; Decreased total Recover time on miss from 21 to 17 for the charged version; Decreased total Recover time on miss from 22 to 19 for the uncharged version; Increased momentum bonus from movement such as a dash.
Portrait LinFei.png

Lin Fei

Lin Fei’s Side Cannon now has a faster Time to Hit for a more responsive and earlier leap both on tap or when releasing after a charge. This brings its overall Time to Hit closer in line with other Signatures of similar range, especially given its lengthy total duration.

  • Lin Fei Side Cannon: Decreased Time to Hit after release from 17 to 15.