Metadev Orion

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Metadev Orion

Metadev Orion.png

Legend: Orion

Metadev Orion is one of the Skins available in the game Brawlhalla.

This skin, along with other Metadev Skins, can only be obtained by receiving a code given away by a developer. This skin was only available for a short time and was near impossible to obtain after it was retired, making it one of the rarest skins in the game for a time.

On November 22, 2020, this skin was available as viewership awards during BCX NA Finals. An estimated 120,000 codes were distributed on this stream.

Weapon Skins

This skin comes with unique Weapon Skins:

Interstellar Rocket
Interstellar Rocket.png
Rocket Lance Skin
Starforged Spear
Starforged Spear.png
Spear Skin

Color Variants

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