Team Yellow

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Team Yellow

Bödvar Team Yellow.png
In-game appearance

Type: Color
Main Colors: Palette Team Yellow.png
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Secondary Palette: Palette Team Yellow Alt1.png
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Tertiary Palette: Palette Team Yellow Alt2.png
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Quaternary Palette: Palette Team Yellow Alt3.png
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Team Yellow is a Color in Brawlhalla. It was added in Patch 8.04.

This is a unique color scheme, and cannot normally be selected. It is only available by selecting Team Red and playing on Mishima Dojo. This also seems to currently only work in online matches.

If there is more than one of the same Legend on Team Yellow, each player will use a slightly different color palette to help distinguish them. The first four players of the same Legend will use the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary palettes of this Color.

If there are more than four players on the team using the same Legend, players 5 through 8 will use same color palettes in that order.

In Capture the Flag mode, these palettes are used for each team member regardless of Legend selected.


Visit the following pages to preview how this Color looks on different cosmetics:

Main Colors:

Secondary Palette:

Tertiary Palette:

Quaternary Palette:


  • Since this color can not be selected, it does not currently have a select icon.
  • Unlike Team Red and Team Blue, the quaternary palette of this Color is completely unique and does not use an existing Color palette.
  • Despite team members 5 through 8 using the regular Team Yellow palettes, in the Lobby they will appear as completely different colors. These colors are different per Legend, and will either use the Legend's first four level-up colors or the first three and the fifth level-up color.
  • At the same time as Team Yellow was added, a "Team Purple" was added to the game's code. This is currently unused and uses the same color palettes as Team Yellow.

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