Patch 8.04

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Patch 8.04
Release Date: January 31, 2024
Previous Patch: Patch 8.03
Next Patch: Patch 8.05



A KO is his best offer… A new Volkov Skin is now available in Mallhalla, known simply as – The Don. Azoth’s feline companion, Dander also makes his debut as a Sidekick! Check these out alongside new Emotes, Avatars, and a new Emoji featuring Seven.

This patch also introduces 4 new challenges! Hone your skills under Koji Sensei’s guidance, including 3 unarmed challenges and an Axe Bread n’ Butter combo. Plus, in experimental queues & matches with Test Features enabled, try out the new charged variation on Sentinel’s Side Hammer. Lastly, the season of love is right around the corner. The Valhallentine’s 2024 Seasonal Event begins on February 7th!



The Don

  • “KO-ing is my best offer.”
  • Volkov’s Kingpin Scythe and Boss’s Judgment Axe will leave his opponents sleeping with the fishes.



  • “Azoth’s feline companion is ready to help in the Grand Tournament!”


Seven Wave

  • “Oh, hello there! Nice to meet you!”


Asuri Playing

  • “Feel my deadly wrath – nyah!”

New Country Flag Avatars:

  • Guam
  • Kuwait
  • Pakistan


  • Seven’s price has been reduced to 5400 Gold!

Weapon Skins:

The Occult Weapon Set is now available in Mallhalla!

New Challenges

Unarmed Advanced Bread n’ Butters

Get that clip! With these unarmed strings, you can style on your opponent before you even pick up a Weapon.

  • Pro Tip: to get that perfect execution, pay close attention to your spacing and timing with these strings.

Advanced Stylish Unarmed Strings

Easy to pick up, difficult to master. Here are a few essential unarmed B’n Bs that require a bit more technique. Level up your unarmed game with these B ‘n Bs.

Unarmed Bread n’ Butters

Who needs a Weapon? Utilize these basic 2 hit combos to rack up solid damage using only your most basic tools!

Axe Bread n’ Butter

Get ready to deliver a devastating assault on your opponent with this simple yet effective combo with Axe!

New Test Feature

In continuing to update older or more simplistic Legends with new tools, we have added a Charge Variant to Sentinel’s Side Hammer. Years ago, this Signature was excellent at surprising opponents from a distance with a powerful leaping strike, but over time the speed of the game has increased and that distance has become less impactful. So as a Test Feature, when this Signature is charged past a brief duration, Sentinel will perform a double swing that travels a much greater distance. Leave us your feedback on this and other Test Features in Discord, Reddit, or any of our other official social channels.

Sentinel Side Hammer Rework

Adds a charged variant in which Sentinel travels farther with a second swing of his Hammer. The Uncharged Side Hammer remains the same.

Updated Image Render Tool

We’ve added Signature Attacks to the image render tool! Epic Skins and Crossovers display their unique swapped Sigs and Visual FX.


This patch contains the last off-season balance adjustments and sets the stage for Brawlhalla Esports Year Nine. This includes Seven’s first balance pass, which makes her legal for use in official tournaments.


Weapon Changes
Battle Boots Icon.png
Battle Boots
We have decreased the Fixed Force of the Battle Boots Recovery to offset the distance it can carry a target before the final knockback. This will result in fewer early knockouts during aerial juggles.
  • Battle Boots Recovery: Decreased Force from 60 Fixed/42 Variable to 54 Fixed/42 Variable.
Blasters Icon.png
The Blasters Neutral Light now deals slightly greater damage to better match its required accuracy and total commitment.

We have also decreased the Recover time on miss for the Blasters Side Light to bring the risk in line with other similar attacks on other weapons.

  • Blasters Neutral Light: Increased Damage from 15 to 16.
  • Blasters Side Light: Decreased total Recover time on miss from 14 Fixed/9 Variable to 13 Fixed/9 Variable.
Greatsword Icon.png
The Greatsword Side Air now has significantly greater Recover time on miss to better match its total threat coverage and utility.
  • Greatsword Side Air: Increased total Recover time on miss while in the air from 7 Fixed/10 Variable to 10 Fixed/10 Variable.


Legend Changes
Dusk’s Neutral Spear now has greater Recover time on miss to allow wider opportunities to counter this anti-air Signature.
  • Dusk Neutral Spear: Increased total Recover time on miss from 13 to 15.
The electric version of Seven’s Neutral Spear now has greater Minimum Charge time to open a dodge window after a Spear Down Light. We have also decreased its Force to better match its quick total duration. The fire version of Seven’s Neutral Spear now has greater Time to Hit to better match its threat coverage, and has an equal increase to its Minimum Charge time to keep its minimum Hit Window identical.

The electric version of Seven’s Side Spear now has less Stun and significantly less Force to open dodge windows at certain health ranges and to bring the knockout potential closer in line with the attack’s overall utility. The fire version of Seven’s Side Spear now has slightly less Force to be closer in line with other similar Signature attacks.

  • Seven Neutral Spear: Increased Minimum Charge time of the electric mode from 11 to 12; Decreased Force of the electric mode from 58 Fixed/54 Variable to 55 Fixed/51 Variable; Increased Time to Hit of the fire mode version from 16 to 18; Increased Minimum Charge time of the fire mode version from 26 to 28.
  • Seven Side Spear: Decreased Stun of the electric mode from 32 to 31; Decreased Force of the electric mode from 58 Fixed/47 Variable to 58 Fixed/42 Variable; Decreased Force of the fire mode version from 58 Fixed/50 Variable to 58 Fixed/47 Variable.
Wu Shang’s Down Gauntlets now has less Maximum Charge time to reduce the variable release window of the palm strike for more reliable counterattacks against this Signature.
  • Wu Shang Down Gauntlets: Decreased Maximum Charge time from 65 to 55.
The first hit of Zariel’s Neutral Bow now applies less Stun against secondary targets, allowing any non-grabbed opponents a chance to escape or interrupt Zariel before the final arrow shot.
  • Zariel Neutral Bow: Decreased Stun of the initial attack from 25 to 15; Removed the AoE Hit Window that could strike secondary targets during the grab transition.

Updated Tournament Map Pool

The Brawlhalla 2023 Esports Offseason has concluded! Thank you all for your feedback over the past few months.

Here are the finalized 1v1 and 2v2 Tournament Map Pools for Brawlhalla Esports Year Nine:


  • Miami Dome
  • Apocalypse
  • Demon Island
  • Small Fortress of Lions
  • Western Air Temple
  • Mishima Dojo
  • Small Terminus
  • Small World’s End


  • Miami Dome
  • Apocalypse
  • Demon Island
  • Small Fortress of Lions
  • Suzaku Castle
  • Western Air Temple
  • Mishima Dojo
  • Small Terminus

Game Improvements


  • Added a back button on the cross progression screen.


  • For team games taking place in Mishima Dojo, the enemy team now default recolors to Yellow instead of Red. Couch games on this Map will use Blue and Yellow team colors instead of the usual Red and Blue.


  • The Sponsored Video Rewards system on PC & PlayStation is now available on Xbox! Now Xbox players can watch sponsored videos to earn free in-game Items. Please note: it may not be available in all regions immediately at launch.

Bot Improvements

We have another wave of bot improvements with more to come. In this patch, we have improved the bot pathing on most Maps. Some larger Maps and special Game Mode Maps have not been improved this time around. This will help fix much unintended bot behavior.

  • The bots ability to move around the Map has been improved on the majority of Maps, helping reduce some awkward behavior.
  • Upgraded a bot’s ability to distinguish when it’s time to grab a Weapon to avoid them fighting unarmed for too long.

Bug Fixes

Art & Animation

  • Fixed a bug where Seven’s hands would not always recolor correctly when using the fire mode on Spear.


  • Fixed a bug where Seven wouldn’t count towards Missions like Wearing a Hat properly.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing bots to have an extremely high chance of throwing their Weapon when far away from their target.
  • Fixed an issue with the Robot Dance Emote where the full animation wasn’t playing on tap.
  • Fixed a bug when Seven was KO’d with her Spear in fire mode, the next time she picked up a Spear, the fire mode attachment would be visible in light attacks despite being in electric mode.
  • Fixed a bug where random Emotes weren’t working online.
  • Fixed a bug where players were sometimes unable to lock in as Seven.
  • Fixed crashes on Kung Foot and Volleybrawl.
  • Fixed a bug where if a player gets hit within 2 frames of their chase Dodge after a Gravity Cancel they get the grounded Dodge cool down


  • Fixed a bug where player names in matchmaking scoreboard screen were no longer graying out after that player left

Undocumented Changes

  • Fixed typo "an Ubisoft" being used instead of "a Ubisoft" in the message shown inside the account linking menu when no Ubisoft account is linked.
  • Added -forceoffline as a launch option.
  • Changed Mishima Dojo's background to be less red.