Patch 8.03

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Patch 8.03
Release Date: December 21, 2023
Previous Patch: Patch 8.02
Next Patch: Patch 8.04



A sentient robot with a passion for engineering, Seven is ready to build her way to victory in Brawlhalla! With her trusty Mega Wrench Spear, Handcrafted Cannon, and custom mechanized creations, she’s a formidable foe in the Grand Tournament.

Along with Seven’s debut, we’re celebrating the Brawlhalliest, jolliest time of the year! Sentinel brings justice no matter the temperature in his new cold weather suit, and Fait’s brought her coziest sweater and a cup of hot cocoa. Also featuring a new Sidekick & Emojis alongside many more seasonal favorites!

Patch 8.03 also includes a balance pass, new features like Bot Behavior Improvements, new Scythe and Katars challenges to the preview in Offline Play, full localization in Turkish & Latin-American Spanish, and much more. The fight for Glory begins again in Ranked Season 31 starting on January 10th!

New Legend: Seven

  • Seven – “The Free Heart Engineer”
  • Weapons: Spear, Cannon
  • Stats: 7 Strength, 3 Dexterity, 8 Defense, 4 Speed
  • “The Grand Tournament is a perfect testing ground for Seven’s new creations. In between matches, she’ll often hop the fence to collect the leftover bits of weaponry and armor to build something out of.”

Patch803 img1.png

Seven launches with a new feature on her Spear Signature attack kit called Mode Swapping. Using Spear Down Signature will add or remove a flamethrower attachment to her Spear.

Normally, Seven’s Neutral, Side Spear, and Down Signatures are electricity based attacks, which are good for strings and combos. With the flamethrower equipped, her Neutral, Side Spear, and Down Signatures are fire based attacks, which hit harder and are better for KOs.

Patch803 img2.png

The Free Heart Engineer is always modifying her appearance – Seven arrives with 3 new Skins!

Patch803 img3.png

Brawlhallidays 2023

Jingle brawl the way! Celebrate the holiday season with brand new Skins for Sentinel & Fait, the first ever Brawlhallidays Sidekick: Miki, an ice crystal castle Winner Wonderland Podium, and an abundance of limited-time Items all available by following the snowflakes in Mallhalla.

Patch803 img4.png

New Legend Skins:

Frost Tech Sentinel

  • “With cutting-edge tech that improves his night vision!”
  • The newest entry in the franchise sends Sentinel on a cold weather mission. He’s ready to fight any bad guy in his way with his Frostbitten Justice Hammer and Icy Slicers Katars.

Cozy Sweater Fait

Patch803 img5.png



  • “Hoot hooooot!”

Emoji Skins:

Snowman Sweat

  • “That game was too close, I’m melting!”
  • An animated Emoji Skin!

Festive Yeti Heart

  • “Om nom nom <3”

Diamond Jack Caspian

  • “Try again next time!”


Winner Wonderland'23 Podium

  • “Welcome to Ice Crystal Castle!”
  • A festive Podium with all new art and sound effects exclusive to this year’s event!

The Brawlhallidays 2023 event also features:

  • A free “Most Famous Reindeer” Title by logging on to Brawlhalla during the event!
  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold to celebrate.
  • Snow spread across a few Maps in Brawlhalla.
  • Holiday-themed UI Takeover!
  • Follow the snowflakes in Mallhalla to find all the exclusive items.

New Scythe & Katars Challenges

Are you ready? Koji sensei has added 2 more Challenges for you to sharpen your skills! You may have studied the blade, but have you mastered the sharpened blades of Katars and Scythe?

Katars Bread n` Butter

  • Two basic Katars bread and butter true combos. Great for starting strings or to force your opponents to dodge!

Scythe Punishment Combo

  • Become just like your favorite Fenrir Mordex player with this lengthy Scythe Punish Combo that utilizes both normal and active input attacks. Very useful against players caught with their dodge on cooldown!

Turkish & Spanish (Latin-America) Localization

For Patch 8.03, we’ve added new supported languages to Brawlhalla: Turkish and Latin-American Spanish!

To change the language in-game, go to the “Options” tab from the Player Menu at the top right of the screen, select “System Settings” and toggle through the left/right arrows next to “Language” until you find your preferred one.

We want these new supported languages to work best for you, the players that will be using them, so we’re treating them the same way we treat other Experimental features. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know on our socials like Twitter and Discord.

Bot Behavior Improvements

Bots have many different personality traits now! Some like to jump more, some like to aggress and dash, or maybe you fight a Bot that likes to stay back and see what you do! Depending on the difficulty level, the Bots will have better control of their movement options and have many different levels and combinations of these personality traits and more.

Easier Bots (“Easy” through “Medium”) are able to be defeated/overpowered much quicker.

More difficult Bots (“Hard” through “Chosen”)

  • Now utilize Dash and fast falling in ways they didn’t before and make use of more subtle movement mechanics.
  • Now have the ability to “Weapon starve” (depending on the Bot) in different ways.

Coming Soon: Ranked Season 31

Beyond Glory, there is immortality! Get ready to collect your Glory and begin the Ranked climb once more.

Are you ready to take your place among the Legends and earn the highly coveted Valhallan Rank? The battles begin on January 10th, 2024!

Brawlhalla 2023 Esports Offseason

With the Brawlhalla World Championship behind us, we are now in the official esports offseason. The esports offseason is a time where we can be more experimental with competitive gameplay updates.

During this offseason, you can look forward to new competitive features like the recently graduated Backdash update, a new tournament Map pool, and more frequent balance changes leading up to the start of Esports Year Nine. With each change, we will be sure to monitor feedback closely.

Tournament Map Pool

In Patch 8.01, the tournament Map pool was updated to feature a selection of Maps that encourage counter-picking during a best-of-three or best-of-five set in competitive play.

Competitors can now choose from a diverse selection of Maps that fit specific platform archetypes. The increased Map pool size and variety of archetypes creates situations for players to ban opponents to the kinds of Maps they want to play on. Counter picking should now have a more tangible impact on the Map pool than previously.

We’re excited to see a wider variety of competitive Maps be selected in Brawlhalla Esports Year Nine!

Here are the changes to the tournament Map pool in this patch:

  • Small Brawlhaven and Apocalypse have been removed from the 1v1 and 2v2 tournament Map pool.
  • Small World’s End and Bikini Bottom have been added to the 1v1 and 2v2 tournament Map pool.
  • Fixed a bug on Bikini Bottom where players would get instantly KO’d if they got hit into the coral spike at the bottom.
  • Art adjustments to Halo to improve the readability of the edges of the platform.

Patch803 img6.png

To support the tournament Map pool getting larger in size, here’s a reminder that we added a new feature in 8.02 to help you curate the Maps that you play in Ranked:

  • Players can now ban two Maps individually in all queues.

Patch803 img7.png

We are also working on an update to Color exclusion rules and Mishima Dojo to address issues seeing certain Colors on this Map. If you have feedback on the Map pool, remember to let us know on Twitter & Discord.

New Test Feature - Hold to Dodge

Hold to Dodge is a new Test Feature that allows players to hold down the Dodge button while being hit so that they can Dodge on the first available frame. Everyone can try out this feature by enabling Test Features in Custom Games or by playing in the Experimental queue.

Hold to Dodge

  • If you press and hold the Dodge button after getting hit, you will attempt to Dodge in the held direction on the first available frame after hitstun.
  • This helps make the windows for escaping strings available to players of all skill levels and limits button mashing.


This balance pass is the second of the three waves of balance during the esports offseason. It contains several improvements to key attacks for underperforming Weapons, further updates to Gauntlets and Rocket Lance stun values, and improvements to a number of underused Signatures. You can look forward to the final offseason balance pass in the next patch.


Weapon Changes
Axe Icon.png
We have reduced the Damage of the Axe Neutral Light to better match its wide coverage and lengthy Hit Window.

The Axe Down Light now has longer Recover time on miss for a clearer opportunity to retaliate against this sizable attack.

  • Axe Neutral Light: Decreased Damage from 19 to 17.
  • Axe Down Light: Increased Recover time on miss from 12 Fixed/11 Variable to 14 Fixed/11 Variable.
Blasters Icon.png
The Blasters lack of threat near the user has caused this Weapon to fall behind the others with the recent Dash enhancements, as it is now easier than ever to maneuver into the dead zone of this Weapon. We have increased the threat coverage near the user for the first blast of the Down Light to provide a high-risk, high-reward option in those situations.
  • Blasters Down Light: Increased threat coverage near the user during the first blast.
Gauntlets Icon.png
The recent Stun reduction of the Gauntlets Neutral Air has proven to be too severe of a decrease at the early-to-mid health ranges. We have increased the Stun, which now sits just below its previous value in order to maintain a Dodge Window before a Gravity Cancel Side Light follow-up at mid-health ranges.
  • Gauntlets Neutral Air: Increased Stun from 12 to 15.
Orb Icon.png
The Orb can often struggle to score knockouts with its base kit, so we have slightly increased the Force of the Side Air. This provides a greater reward to compensate for the Side Air’s low total threat coverage and short Hit Window and brings it closer in line with similar options on other Weapons.
  • Orb Side Air: Increased Force from 55 Fixed/40 Variable to 55 Fixed/42 Variable.
Rocket Lance Icon.png
Rocket Lance
We have restored most of the previously reduced Stun on the back end of the Rocket Lance Neutral Air, to provide consistently greater Frame Advantage when striking with the latter half of the attack. This still maintains tight Dodge Windows before most follow-up attacks.
  • Rocket Lance Neutral Air: Slightly increased Stun from a range of 29~18 to a range of 29~24.
Sword Icon.png
The Sword Down Air now has greater Stun for tighter Dodge Windows before follow-up attacks. This firmly establishes the Down Air as a chief option for continued strings and greater potential damage.
  • Sword Down Air: Increased Stun from 16 to 18.


Legend Changes
Ezio’s Side Orb would often inflict very little Damage when striking from a distance, so we have focused most of this attack’s Damage into that final hit to increase its expected value. We have also slightly increased the total Damage of this attack to better match other similar Signatures.

Ezio’s Side Sword now has greater Force to better match the reward on hit to the risk of its total duration on miss.

  • Ezio Side Orb: Increased total Damage from 22 to 24; Focused the Damage more on the final hit.
  • Ezio Side Sword: Increased Force from 50 Fixed/50 Variable to 50 Fixed/52 Variable.
We have reduced the Minimum Charge time of Fait’s Down Scythe for more reliable use. This allows for a quicker response when using it to teleport and punish an opponent’s missed attack, or when using it as a surprise approach tool.
  • Fait Down Scythe: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 10 to 7.
Mako’s Side Katars now have significantly less Minimum Charge time to compensate for its relatively low total threat coverage and short reach from the user.
  • Mako Side Katars: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 16 to 12.
We have increased the Force and Damage of Vector’s Down Rocket Lance to better fit its niche usage and provide more consistent reward in a wider variety of situations.
  • Vector Down Rocket Lance: Increased Damage from 9 per projectile to 11 per projectile; Increased Force from 55 Fixed/49 Variable to 55 Fixed/51 Variable.
Zariel’s Side Gauntlets now has greater Minimum Charge time to better match its total threat coverage and significant reach.
  • Zariel Side Gauntlets: Increased Minimum Charge time from 10 to 13.

Game Improvements


  • Improved the Dash Dancing challenge.

Art & Animation

  • Additional Emote animation adjustments on SpongeBob.

User Interface

  • New “Meet the Legends grid, now separated into pages!
  • Added a “Mythic” filter to Mallhalla on mobile platforms.
  • Adjusted scale & placement for SpongeBob and Patrick in the pre-match and Meet the Legends screens.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where if a player got hit within 2 frames of their Chase Dodge after a Gravity Cancel, they would get the grounded Dodge cool down.
  • Fixed a bug where a player could get around the grounded Dodge cooldown from Gravity Cancels by Chase Dodging in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sensei was unable to complete the Advanced Gauntlet String challenge.

User Experience

  • Fixed a bug where players’ spectate delay settings would not save.
  • Fixed a bug where the Crystal Clutch Gauntlets were missing from players’ inventory.

Art & Animation

  • Fixed a bug where SpongeBob would face the wrong way when doing the Buddy version of the Fist Bump Emote.