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Sword is one of the Weapons in the game Brawlhalla.

The Sword is a light, single-handed blade. An agile weapon, Sword wielders will slash away at their opponents with a barrage of quick hitting attacks.


Ground Attacks

Neutral Light

The user swings the sword directly in-front of them twice. If an enemy is caught in the attack, the user will strike the third time, dealing knockback.

Side Light

The user swings their sword around their body while dashing forward and knocking them forwards.

Down Light

The user swings their sword forward close to the ground. If it connects with an opponent, the user will hit the opponent a second time mid-air. After the enemy is struck, both the enemy and the user hop diagonally and into the air. This attack releases very little knockback against the enemy, allowing the user to connect the attack with another.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air

The users swings their sword directly above themselves.

Side Air

The user quickly swings twice in the direction they're facing, dealing knockback.

Down Air

The user swings their sword directly below themselves.


The user spins rapidly while ascending, hurting anyone that touches them.

Ground Pound

The user descends while jabbing their sword downwards.

Legends that use Sword

Character Primary Secondary
SkinIcon Bodvar Classic.png
Grapple Hammer Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Hattori Classic.png
Sword Icon.png Spear Icon.png
SkinIcon SirRoland Classic.png
Rocket Lance Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Thatch Classic.png
Sword Icon.png Blasters Icon.png
SkinIcon Asuri Classic.png
Katars Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Koji Classic.png
Bow Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Jhala Classic.png
Axe Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Val Classic.png
Gauntlets Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Sidra Classic.png
Cannon Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Jiro Classic.png
Sword Icon.png Scythe Icon.png
SkinIcon Jaeyun Classic.png
Sword Icon.png Greatsword Icon.png
SkinIcon Ezio Classic.png
Sword Icon.png Orb Icon.png