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Bow is one of the Weapons used in the game Brawlhalla.

The Bow is a quiet and graceful weapon. Its arsenal of attacks can easily close the gap between players, with Bow wielders using the weapon itself to grapple opponents and arrows to pierce and stun them.


Ground Attacks

Neutral Light

The user shoots up diagonally. The shot does considerable knockback.

Side Light

The user swings their bow forward. If it connects, the user will then shoot the enemy and launching them forwards.

Down Light

The user leaps forward and shoots at the ground with great horizontal range.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air

The user does a backflip kick in the air and attack enemies above themselves with little range. If it connects, the enemy will be shot upwards.

Side Air

The user swings their bow forward, dealing knockback.

Down Air

The user shoots down diagonally, dealing knockback.


The user swings their bow forward. If it connects with an enemy, the user will shoot the enemy out of the bow. This recovery moves diagonally, similar to the Katars recovery or the Cannon recovery.

Ground Pound

The user falls foot first. If the user lands on an enemy, they will step on the enemy and shoot the foe down. This ground pound cannot be steered after activation and is the most powerful ground pound (knockback wise) in Brawlhalla.

Legends that use Bow

Character Primary Secondary
SkinIcon Ember Classic.png
Bow Icon.png Katars Icon.png
SkinIcon Azoth Classic.png
Bow Icon.png Axe Icon.png
SkinIcon Koji Classic.png
Bow Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Diana Classic.png
Bow Icon.png Blasters Icon.png
SkinIcon Yumiko Classic.png
Bow Icon.png Grapple Hammer Icon.png
SkinIcon Kaya Classic.png
Spear Icon.png Bow Icon.png
SkinIcon Zariel Classic.png
Gauntlets Icon.png Bow Icon.png
SkinIcon Vector Classic.png
Rocket Lance Icon.png Bow Icon.png
SkinIcon Munin Classic.png
Bow Icon.png Scythe Icon.png