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Cannon is one of the Weapons used in the game Brawlhalla. It was added in patch 3.0.

The Cannon is a heavy duty mortar. Its large size is somewhat deceitful, as Cannon wielders attack with quick blasts or even bludgeoning opponents with the weight of the weapon itself.


Ground Attacks

Neutral Light

The user delivers a blast in front of them. If an enemy is caught in the attack, the user leaps forward to deliver a second attack, applying knockback and greatly moving the enemy away from the initial position.

Side Light

The user jumps forward while swinging the cannon upwards and diagonally relative to the user.

Down Light

The user jumps forward and hits the cannon on the ground, knocking enemies up and diagonally relative to the user.

Air Attacks

Neutral Air

The user shoots a small blast above them. The user is also thrust downwards via recoil.

Side Air

The user uses the blast of the cannon to boost themselves forward, hitting anyone in the way. The blast from the cannon deals no damage.

Down Air

The user shoots a small blast diagonally below them.


The user jumps diagonally upwards while swinging the cannon.

Ground Pound

The user falls down with the cannon below them. If the attack connects, a blast will send the enemy downwards. This attack will create a small explosion if it hits the ground.

Legends that use Cannon

Character Primary Secondary
SkinIcon Sidra Classic.png
Cannon Icon.png Sword Icon.png
SkinIcon Xull Classic.png
Cannon Icon.png Axe Icon.png
SkinIcon Isaiah Classic.png
Cannon Icon.png Blasters Icon.png
SkinIcon LinFei Classic.png
Katars Icon.png Cannon Icon.png
SkinIcon Onyx Classic.png
Gauntlets Icon.png Cannon Icon.png
SkinIcon Seven Classic.png
Spear Icon.png Cannon Icon.png