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The player's name is the main identifier used to distinguish different players.

Account Name

The player's name is based on the account and platform being used:

  • Steam Steam profile name
  • Epic GamesUbisoft Connect Ubisoft Connect username
  • Playstation PSN Account ID
  • Xbox Xbox gamertag
  • Nintendo Switch Switch profile name
  • Google Play Google Play Games username
  • iOS Game Center username

If the player is on a platform that allows for name changing, and is playing Brawlhalla while they change their name, they will have to close and re-open the game for the change to take effect.

Account Linking does not affect the player's name; if a player has several accounts linked, the displayed name will be the one from the platform they're currently playing on.

Display Locations

The player's name is displayed in the following locations:

  • On the main menu.
  • Pre-game and post-game lobbies.
  • Pre-game loading screen.
  • In-game when the "Show Names" button is held (by default Tab or Button XBox Select.png).
  • Friends list and Clans list.
  • Lobby chat.
  • Public Custom Game Rooms list.

Condensed Name

If the preference for "Player Names" is adjusted, a condensed 3-letter version of the player's name will appear in-game. Depending on how the preference is set, this will either appear above the player's head, above their icon in the right corner, or both.

This condensed name is typically the first 3 letters of the player's name. However, there are special conditions that will change which letters appear:

  • If your name starts with "The" or has the character "|" in it, the first 3 letters after that will be used.
  • Non-alphanumeric characters in a name are skipped over (i.e. anything other than letters and numbers).
  • In local matches, players will be labeled as P1, P2, P3... etc.
  • Bots will be labeled CPU, CP2, CP3... etc.

Multiple Players on Same Device

If more than one player is playing on the same device, all subsequent players will share the same account name but with a number at the end. This only applies to online modes.

For example, if the player's name is "Buddy", player 2 on the same device will be named "Buddy • 2".

Additional players will also show as being in the same clan and use all the same Cosmetics the account has equipped, except for Titles and Loading Frames.


It is possible for a player to have their name censored if it is found to be too inappropriate.

Names will typically be banned if they include text that goes against Ubisoft's EULA or Terms of Use, such as

  • Curse/swear words (in any language)
  • Bigotry
  • Offensive, violent, or explicit text
  • Threats, harassment, or mocking of others/public figures

If a player's name is censored, it will be replaced with an auto-generated username in the format of <adjective> <noun> <numbers>; for example, "Proud Squirrel 001048".

Once censored, the player will be banned from changing their name. This ban will last for either 24 hours, until the next patch, or permanently, depending on how severe the banned name was.


  • Previously, censored player names would be changed to just "Brawler" instead of a randomly generated name.