Test Legend

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Test Legend

Test Legend.png

Unplayable Legend

Role: Placeholder Legend

The Test Legend, known internally as both "Bot" and "Test," is an unplayable Legend in Brawlhalla.

The Test Legend is similar to the Default Legend as it acts as a placeholder Legend. Unlike the Default Legend, the Test Legend was originally intended for showing off a new Legend's moveset, prior to the Legend's design being revealed. In more recent times, however, the completely black Random legend has been used instead.

The Test Legend has been used on dev streams when showing off new weapons such as the Cannon, and was playable at PAX East 2016 as a placeholder for Kor.

With Patch 7.02, the Test Legend has a new purpose of acting as the Target dummy in Challenges. The Target uses a Yellow color scheme, and is an immobile character used to perform combos on.

Internally in modern versions of Brawlhalla, the Test Legend is technically recognized as a skin for the Default Legend.

Weapon Skins

The Test Legend has several weapon skins associated with it. They do not have any actual names, and are internally referred to as <Weapon>Bot (for example, SwordBot).

Color Variants

While the Test Legend isn't playable, it is still affected by color swaps.