Patch 8.09

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Patch 8.09
Release Date: May 22, 2024
Previous Patch: Patch 8.08
Next Patch: Patch 8.10



Relive the fall of the Order of the Exalted Lion like never before! Unlock 85 Tiers worth of new and classic rewards by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions.

Behold an all-new story that puts Octavius Mordex at the center of an epic quest to topple the OEL once and for all, in the first ever Brawlhalla cutscenes, all unlockable in the free Battle Pass track!

Battle Pass Classic 4: Order of the Exalted Lion

Witness the fall of the Order of the Exalted Lion once again in Battle Pass Classic 4! Soulbound Diana has taken to the magic powers of Helheim to exact revenge on the powerful Octavius Mordex. Claim 85 Tiers worth of exclusively available content by playing Brawlhalla and completing missions.

Introducing the first ever Brawlhalla Cutscenes unlockable in the Battle Pass!

Unlock the Deluxe Pass to gain 25 Tier skips & access to new exclusive items:

Those who unlock the Deluxe Pass after completing a minimum of 70 tiers will be granted Mammoth Coins.

Brawlhalla Fest

Get ready for the hottest summer festival this side of Asgard. Brawlhalla Fest starts NEXT WEEK on May 29th. 😎

Brawlhalla Fest is the first installment of a new kind of seasonal event that’s all about celebrating our community, bringing new timed missions, Double XP weekends, and exclusive rewards, like a brand new Color Scheme: Bifrost and an Emoji featuring the upcoming Epic Skin: Void Zenith Artemis. 👀

For TWO WEEKS we’re featuring all 62 Legends in the free rotation. This gives everyone a chance to complete the Timed Event Mission to unlock the Bifrost Color Scheme for All Legends present and future. How fast can you unlock them all? Hop in a queue today and let the festival begin! ☀️

Bifrost Color Scheme

Win matchmade games to earn this exclusive iridescent Color Scheme for the Legend you played as. Win with all 62 Legends to unlock the Color Scheme for all future Legends! The only way to earn the Bifrost Color Scheme is to participate in this Timed Event Mission. This Timed Event Mission runs for three weeks, from May 29th through June 18th.

Void Zenith 1 More Emoji Skin

Earn 10,000 XP by playing matchmade games in Brawlhalla to earn this Emoji Skin inspired by a soon to be available Artemis Epic Skin. The only way to earn the Void Zenith 1 More Emoji Skin is to participate in the Timed Event Mission from May 29 to June 18. Void Zenith Artemis Epic Skin launches June 12.

Mallhalla UI Update

We’ve overhauled Mallhalla’s UI on PC! This is a first preview and ongoing process of updating our UI. Now you can search the store, filter each tab, and sort Items by release order, coin price, or alphabetically.

Some examples of filters: Skins can be filtered by the Legends you own, Epic, and/or Sale. Crossovers can also be filtered by Epic and/or Mythic. Skins & Colors can be filtered by “Limited Time” when a seasonal Event is active, and all of these have an option to hide owned Items.

Level 100 Rewards

Now when you reach level 100 on a Legend, that Legend’s name will display in Gold!

The Gold Legend name will appear only on the following screens:

  • Pre-match loading screen
  • Podium display in all game lobbies, including post-match screen, Ranked, custom games, Brawl of the Week, etc.
  • Meet the Legends

This only affects you, players playing as a Legend you have level 100 for will display in the standard color.

Test Features

Post Hitstun Dodge Consistency has graduated from Test Features! Follow-up attacks are made more consistent across all Weapons by making Dash no longer able to get a player out of a combo earlier than a Dodge would. Certain attacks that proved to benefit too greatly from this feature have received adjustments that can be found in the Balance section.

The Dodge/Dash input already forces a Dodge when pressed while coming out of hitstun for 4 frames.

  • A special case allowing players to bypass this with a Dash using a down-diagonal input has been removed.

The Dash input is now locked out for 4 frames while coming out of hitstun.

  • This prevents players from being able to escape a dodgeable combo while their Dodge is down in some cases.


We have made a number of adjustments aimed at providing more appropriate risk to certain pivotal attacks on overperforming weapons and Legends, while reducing the risk or providing additional reward to attacks that have fallen behind the curve. This patch also contains Vivi’s first round of balance changes, which makes her legal for use in official Brawlhalla tournaments.


Weapon Changes
Axe Icon.png
The Axe Ground Pound now has less threat coverage at the rear of the user during ground collision to provide a more consistent avenue for countering or escaping from this sizable attack.
  • Axe Groundpound: Greatly decreased threat coverage on ground collision.
Battle Boots Icon.png
Battle Boots
We have increased the Minimum Charge time of the Battle Boots Ground Pound to better match its relatively wide threat coverage and to grant a slightly larger Dodge Window when used as a follow-up attack.
  • Battle Boots Ground Pound: Increased Minimum Charge time from 18 to 21.
Blasters Icon.png
While the Blasters Down Light is a combo starter that can lead to another attack, the Damage dealt by the Down Light itself was highly subject to positioning. We have focused most of the Damage into the final hit of the attack and slightly increased the total Damage to provide a much more consistent reward when striking from farther distances.
  • Blasters Down Light: Increased total Damage from 12 to 13; Focused most of the Damage into the final hit.
Cannon Icon.png
The Cannon Neutral Air could rotate into other attacks too quickly when performed close to the ground, so we have increased the minimum Recover time on ground collision and reduced the window for ground detection to allow for more consistent counterattacks against this quick aerial option. The aerial Recover time and maximum Recover time on ground collision remain unchanged.
  • Cannon Neutral Air: Increased total Recover time on miss after ground collision from a range of 10~21 to a range of 15~21; Decreased window of ground detection from 12 to 7.
Greatsword Icon.png
We have delayed the attack and movement cancel windows for the Greatsword Side Light Opener on miss to provide a greater window to maneuver around the user and begin a counterattack against this far-reaching Opener. This also brings the Side Light Opener’s risk closer in line with its more reliable reward due to Post Hitstun Dodge Consistency’s graduation from Test Features.

The Greatsword Neutral Air now has less allowed acceleration during the attack and Recover time on miss to better match its overall speed and size.

  • Greatsword Side Light Opener: Increased time before you can cancel into a bridge on miss from 12 to 15; Increased time before you can cancel into a Jump, Dash, or Dodge from 18 to 21.
  • Greatsword Neutral Air: Decreased the amount of allowed acceleration during the attack and during the Recover time on miss.
Katars Icon.png
With Post Hitstun Dodge Consistency graduating from Test Features, we have increased the Recover time on miss for the Katars Down Air on ground collision to better match the more reliable reward that can be gained from this air-to-ground string starter.
  • Katars Down Air: Increased total Recover time on miss for the ground version from 9 Fixed/10 Variable to 11 Fixed/10 Variable.
Rocket Lance Icon.png
Rocket Lance
The Rocket Lance Side Light now has slightly less Recover time on miss to better keep pace with the game’s increased movement options on the ground and better match the risk with its relatively thin threat coverage.
  • Rocket Lance Side Light: Decreased Recover time on miss from 12 Fixed/14 Variable to 10 Fixed/14 Variable.
Scythe Icon.png
The Scythe Down Light now has greater Recover time on miss to better match its more reliable use as a follow-up attack and more reliable reward from the graduation of Post Hitstun Dodge Consistency.
  • Scythe Down Light: Increased total Recover time on miss from 8 Fixed/16 Variable to 10 Fixed/16 Variable.


Legend Changes
We have greatly increased the Stun time of Bödvar’s Neutral Hammer and Side Hammer, and slightly increased the Stun time of his Down Hammer, to provide greater positional reward at low and mid health ranges. This also removes a number of cases where these attacks could be punishable on hit.
  • Neutral Hammer: Increased Stun time from 18 to 28.
  • Side Hammer: Increased Stun time from 18 to 28.
  • Down Hammer: Increased Stun time from 25 to 26.
Portrait Kor.png
Kor’s Neutral Hammer now has slightly less Minimum Charge time for greater responsiveness as an anti-air attack and to better offset its relatively slow bloom in threat coverage.
  • Neutral Hammer: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 10 to 9.
Portrait Nix.png
We have reduced the Minimum Charge time and Recover time for Nix’s Side Blasters to better match its lengthy total duration and relatively slow travel speed.
  • Side Blasters: Decreased Minimum Charge time from 10 to 8; Decreased total Recover time from 21 to 19.
We have greatly increased the Stun time of Scarlet’s Neutral Hammer and grounded Side Hammer to provide greater positional advantage at low and mid health ranges, as well as reduce the number of cases where these attacks could be punishable on hit.

We have also increased the Damage and Stun time of Scarlet’s Down Hammer to better match its total duration and reduce the number of cases where it could be punishable on hit.

  • Neutral Hammer: Increased Stun time from 18 to 26.
  • Side Hammer: Increased Stun time of the ground version from 20 to 28.
  • Down Hammer: Increased Stun time from 18 to 27; Increased Damage from 23 to 25.
Tezca’s Side Gauntlets now has less vertical and horizontal threat coverage during the spin, providing a wider avenue to interrupt Tezca and rescue a grabbed teammate.
  • Side Gauntlets: Decreased maximum horizontal and vertical threat while spinning a grabbed target.
Ulgrim’s Down Axe now has greater Minimum Charge time to better match its generous threat coverage and utility.
  • Down Axe: Increased Minimum Charge time from 11 to 14.
We have increased the Minimum Charge time of Vivi’s Neutral and Side Battle Boots to provide greater windows to Dodge these attacks.

The wall version of Vivi’s Neutral Blasters now has less Force to bring its knockout range in line with other spiking Signatures.

  • Neutral Battle Boots: Increased Minimum Charge time from 6 to 8.
  • Side Battle Boots: Increased Minimum Charge time from 3 to 6.
  • Neutral Blasters: Decreased Force of the wall version from 45 Fixed/38 Variable to 45 Fixed/36 Variable.

Game Improvements


  • Shin Sekai Koji and Inari Yumiko have updated UI Signature FX swap background images and animations in Mallhalla.
  • Added a dark backing for better readability of the health bar.


  • The Image render tool now supports rendering Light Attacks and “Movement” animations, which are in-game animations like running, dashing, dodging, and more!
  • On Mustafar, the camera will now only zoom out when the lava level changes and only enough to show where the current lava level is.


  • Improved Bots ability to Dodge Sticky Bombs.
  • Improved Bots ability to follow up attacks that require a jump, and greatly reduced the percentage that a Bot will attempt a Weapon throw at Medium and above difficulty.


  • Added Esports V.1, Black, Charged OG, and Haunting to the color exclusions for Mishima Dojo.
  • Added Team Yellow as team color possibilities for Fortress of the Lions and Miami Dome.

Art & Animation

  • Added custom animation for SpongeBob on the Guitar Solo & Fly a Kite Emotes.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug with the Bots pathing and their navigation on Dracula’s Castle Map.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to aerial attack during a Chase Dodge animation without displaying the aerial attack animation. (Credit: HowsVee & Sub_Lemon_)


  • Fixed a bug where spectators of Brawl of the Fates would not see the correct player name for Darth Maul.
  • Fixed an occasional bug where “Custom Light Attack FX” was listed twice on Asgardian Lightsaber Weapons Skins’ store descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug on Mobile where sale items in Mallhalla didn’t display a timer.
  • Fixed a bug where the letters “ğ” & “ş” were not displayed in Turkish.
  • Fixed an issue where the top left of the Map select menu would get slightly obscured on PC and Console.
  • Training settings in the top left of a “Training Room” matchmaking waiting room are no longer obscured by the “Searching for players…” UI.
  • Fixed a bug on Mobile where the “This matchmaking queue no longer exists” pop up caused the top right menu to disappear.
  • Fixed a console bug where the Soul Crush Emote was displaying in the wrong place on Apocalypse Mirage’s store page.


  • Fixed a bug where non-party leaders can add or remove Bots in a custom online game when using a controller.
  • Fixed a bug on Mobile where replays displayed on page 2 and beyond weren’t watchable.
  • Fixed a bug where every sound that happened before joining would play at once when someone would start spectating a match that had already begun. Also fixes this issue for those skipping through a replay.
  • Fixed a bug on Android where in-game music and audio wouldn’t be cut off when the app is moved to the background.