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Promotional flyer for Brawlhalla Fest 2024.
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The Brawlhalla Fest is Brawlhalla's newest type of event. Held in late May - early June, this event is a general celebration of Brawlhalla, and features missions not seen in most other events.

Many special festivities are scheduled for this event, including:

  • + Coin Gold.png 250 login bonus each day
  • Limited time rewards, including a unique Color scheme and Emoji
  • Introduction of a new Epic skin
  • Daily sales, Brawl Of The Week, and all Legends free-to-play for a limited time

Event Duration

Year Dates Duration
2024 May 29 — June 26 4 weeks

Event Schedule

Unlike most events, not every festivity occurs at the same time during Brawlhalla Fest. As such, important dates of the event are scheduled out ahead of time:

Year Schedule
2024 May 29 - June 11
  • All Legends Free to Play
  • Brawls of the Day (daily BOTW reset)
  • Daily Malhalla sales
May 29 - June 26
  • Earn free Bifrost Colors and Void Zenith 1 More Emoji
June 12
June 14 - 16
June 21 - 23


Several limited-time rewards can be earned for free during this event.

Year Item Acquisition
2024 The Headliner
Login during the event.
Color Bifrost.png Bödvar Bifrost.png
Win a matchmaking game with a Legend during the event to earn colors for that Legend.
Winning a game as all Legends unlocks the color for all future Legends.
Emoji 1More Void Zenith.gif
Void Zenith 1 More
Earn 10,000 XP in matchmaking games.

Daily Sale Rotation

For each day during the event, a different set of items go on sale. Each of these sets have a special theme to them.

Date Theme and Sales
5/29 The Headliners
5/30 Jidaigeki
5/31 Legacy
6/1 Felines & Friends
6/2 High Elysians
6/3 Mad Science
6/4 Spiritual
6/5 Bounty Hunter
6/6 Cybernetic
6/7 Stealthy
6/8 Plastic
6/9 Undead
6/10 Gritty Reboot
6/11 Cold Weather
6/12 High Fantasy

Brawl of the Day

For the duration of the event, Brawl Of The Week changes daily.

Date Gamemode
5/29 3v3 Skirmish (Team Stock match)
5/30 Platform King (4-player FFA)
5/31 Ghost Brawl (Stock, 1v1, 200% damage)
6/1 Betrayal! (3-player FFA)
6/2 Strikeout Mania! (Strikeout, 1v1, 5 stocks, 300% damage)
6/3 Bounty Hunting (4-player FFA, 200% damage)
6/4 Gamemaster's Doom (Dice & Destruction 4-player FFA)
6/5 Volleybrawl 2v2
6/6 Synthwave Kung Foot 2v2
6/7 Crew Battle 2v2 (200% damage)
6/8 Bubble Tag 3v3
6/9 Horde
6/10 Oops! All Boomerangs (4-player FFA, 200% damage, increased Boomerang spawn rate)
6/11 Temple Climb 4-player FFA
6/12 Street Brawl Relay
6/13 3v3 Skirmish (Team Stock match)
6/14 Crew Battle 2v2 (200% damage)
6/15 Brawlball Bash! (Brawlball 3v3)
6/16 Betrayal! (3-player FFA)
6/17 Kung Foot 2v2
6/18 Volleybrawl 3v3


  • Brawlhalla Fest is essentially a yearly continuation of the 100 Million Brawlers Event; both events occurred around the same time of year and feature the same festivities (unique Color missions, new Epic skin, daily sales).
  • Brawlhalla Fest 2024 was originally planned to last 3 weeks, but was extended to an extra fourth week.