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Beware the horde! How long can you keep the hordes of monsters away from your portals? Earn points by defeating waves of monsters and ends when your portals are destroyed.

Horde is one of the gamemode available in Brawlhalla. It can be played in Custom Online matches and is sometimes available as the Brawl Of The Week.

This gamemode was added as part of the Hellboy crossover.

An achievement can be earned by completing wave 25 in this game mode.


The Horde gamemode is notably a Player vs. Enemy gamemode, where players must work together to defend against Horde enemies from breaking the two gates on the map. If an enemy touches a gate, the gate takes damage. The gate becomes progressively more broken, and eventually opens, in the following stages:

  • 0-6 hits: no visible damage. the light at its center is white.
  • 7-12 hits: gate begins to crack. the light at its center becomes yellow.
  • 13-23 hits: gate is heavily damaged. the light at its center becomes red.
  • 24 hits: the gate is destroyed, showing valhalla.

After the 25th hit, the game is over.

The match is separated into waves, where each wave Horde enemies will enter the stage in different formations. Both maps available to the gamemode have different sets of waves.

While the goal of this gamemode is to get to the highest wave, the winner of the match is sometimes determined by who KO'd the most horde enemies.

Sidekick Summoners do not spawn in this gamemode.


There are two maps available for the Horde gamemode:

Both stages have different sets of waves and designs for the enemies. The Nightmare Horde map is intended to be a lot more difficult than the standard Horde map.


There are three types of horde enemies:

  • Blue gargolyes, which are the most common enemies and take only one light attack or any throw to be KO'd.
  • Yellow gargoyles, which are as strong as blue enemies, but a lot faster (125% faster than blue enemies).
  • Red gargoyles, which take either 25 damage, one signature attack, or a gadget throw to be KO'd, but are much slower (30% slower than blue enemies).

Every 5th wave up to and including wave 25, a Teros bot will spawn on the stage. This bot does not hurt the gates, but must be KO'd to progress to the next wave. If he is not killed before the wave ends, it will loop. This bot can spawn on either the left or right door, but will always hold an Axe on the left and a Hammer on the right. This bot has stats equivalent to 1 speed and 10 dexterity. It takes and deals damage equivalent 6 defense and 8 strength; however, it takes and deals much more knockback, as though its defense is way below 0 and strength way above 10.

Enemies will have different appearances depending on the map played:

Enemy Horde Nightmare Horde
Blue Gargoyle NPC Horde Blue.png NPC Horde BlueNightmare.png
Yellow Gargoyle NPC Horde Yellow.png NPC Horde YellowNightmare.png
Red Gargoyle NPC Horde Red.png NPC Horde RedNightmare.png
Teros Gruagach.png Gatekeeper Teros.png


The following settings can be configured for Horde matches in Custom and Offline lobbies:

Setting Default Range
Match Time 15:00 Online: 1:00 - 15:00
Offline: 1:00 - 25:00 or ∞
Weapons Enabled Enabled/Disabled
Gadgets Enabled Enabled/Disabled
Test Features Off Off/On
Max Players 4 2 - 8

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