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Watch your step! In this game mode try and be the last man standing to win, but be careful... there are traps everywhere that you or your opponents can trigger to gain an advantage!

Showdown is one of the gamemode available in Brawlhalla. It can be played in Custom Online matches and is sometimes available as the Brawl Of The Week.

This gamemode was added as part of Kung Fu Panda crossover.


In the Showdown gamemode, players fight each other to eliminate their opponents' lives, much like the Stock gamemode. The main difference is the maps have no edges, and their small size makes it very easy to KO opponents by pushing them to the side. This forces players to stay near the center to duke it out.

Another major component of this gamemode are traps; these are pressure plates littered around the maps that can activate traps such as shurikens, spikes or fire balls. The first map to be made for the Showdown gamemode, Spirit Realm Showdown, has a selectable variant that consists of no traps.


Showdown has two maps unique to the mode:


The following settings can be configured for Showdown matches in Custom and Offline lobbies:

Setting Default Range
Teams Off Off/On
Team Damage
Match Time 8:00 Online: 1:00 - 15:00
Offline: 1:00 - 15:00 or ∞
Damage 100% 50% - 300%
Weapon Spawn Rate Medium Disabled/Low/Medium/High
Gadget Spawn Rate Low
Test Features Off Off/On
Max Players 4 2 - 8

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