Water Bomb Bash

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Water Bomb Bash

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Water balloons are old news, this 6 person Free-for-all calls for something... Bigger. Break out new giant water bombs in this crazy 200% damage showdown! Score 2 points for getting a KO, lose 1 for getting KO'd. Watch out for those bombs!

Water Bomb Bash is one of the gamemodes available in Brawlhalla. It is sometimes available as the Brawl Of The Week.

Unlike most gamemodes, Water Bomb Bash cannot be played in Custom Online or Couch Party lobbies.


In Water Bomb Bash, 6 players face off against each other in a 3 minute Timed match at 200% damage, earning +2 points for KO's and losing -1 point for getting KO'd. The player with the most points at the end of the match wins.

Water Bomb Bash features unique giant Water Bombs that spawn regularly alongside weapon drops. These are much larger than regular water balloons found in the Beachbrawl or Snowbrawl gamemodes. They can be thrown and, upon impact, create a large explosion that damages and knocks back anyone caught in the splash, even the player who threw it.

The Water Bomb Bash gamemode uses the FFA Map Set to play on. It is typically available for play as Brawl of the Week during the Heatwave Event.

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