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Training Mode Menu Option

Training is one of the Gamemodes available in the game Brawlhalla. It is available to be played when Offline and can be used to better a player's skills in a variety of ways, some of which are listed below. In Training Mode, every Legend, Stance, and most Colors and Skins are available.

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There are two different training modes which can be accessed by pressing the Game Pad on PS4, the "-" button on Switch, the Tab key on PC, and the View button on the Xbox One. The first is called Standard Training and the second is Catch Bombs Training.

Standard Training

Player Settings

In Standard Training, there are two sections in the menu: Player Settings and Bot Settings. The Player Settings gives the ability to change the legend/weapon, show Damage, Stun, Hitboxes, Hurtboxes, and toggle Item Spawning. Changing legends can be useful in that the Player can train multiple characters without having to leave and rejoin the same map. This section also allows the Player to instantly give the legend either of their two weapons or an item using the two options beneath it.

Show Damage

Toggling the Show Damage setting allows the player to see exact damage numbers for a single attack or a string of them that occur in a short period of time. This setting is useful to see how much damage you can get out of a combo. The amount of damage done per attack is shown above the legend's head in yellow, and after a combo the amount of hits and total damage will be shown in blue.

Show Stun

The Show Stun setting gives visual indication on dodge windows in combos and attack stats. When attacked, the bot will shine blue to indicate it is stunned. If more than one attack is performed in a row on the bot, purple text will appear above showing the dodge window - this is the amount of frames where your opponent can dodge out of your combo. If no purple text appears, this means there is no dodge window and the combo is a true combo.

Additionally, the player will flash certain colors after attacks with this setting enabled:

Show Hitboxes and Hurtboxes

The Show Hitboxes setting visually displays the area of an attack which will damage an opponent. This gives the player a better idea of where and when attacks will hit. The hitbox will flicker green, yellow, and purple; this is just a visual indicator to distinguish each frame of the attack.

The Show Hurtboxes setting does a similar thing for players, putting a green circle over their body. This is the area which a player can get hurt; if a hitbox from an attack connects with a player's hurtbox, they will be hurt by the attack.

Power Viewer and Frame Step

On the top left is displayed buttons to access Power Viewer and Frame Step. Power Viewer allows the player to see specific frame, damage, and force data for each move performed. Frame Step allows the player to freeze the game and go either forward or backward in time frame-by-frame. These are useful to help with creating and performing combos as it gives the most accurate details about the combo possible.

Bot Settings

Bot Settings Menu.png

The Bot Settings section is a separate tab in Standard Training mode which includes options that allow the player to manipulate how the bot acts. This includes a variety of different options to help easily practice and create combos.

Legend Options

Much like in Player Settings, the specific Legend and what Weapon or Gadget they hold can be selected. However, the Skin they are wearing can also be selected, which includes un-owned Event and Chest exclusive skins - something not available for players to select for themselves.

Control Mode

There are four different Control Modes that can be selected at the top of Bot Settings:

  • Control Mode: Player - this is the default mode, where the player controls themselves and the bot acts how the player has them set.
  • Control Mode: Bot - the player takes control of the bot, and the player's original character becomes an unmoving dummy. Since the player is controlled by the bot, they will be affected by damage/position resets.
  • Control Mode: Mimic - the bot will perform the exact same moves the player does.
  • Control Mode: Mirror - the bot will perform the same attacks as the player, but face and move in the opposite directions as the player.

With any Control Mode other than the default Player mode, the bot's AI setting and reactions can not be set, only allowing the player to set damage/position resets.

AI Setting

Several AI Settings can be selected to change the overall way the bot behaves:

  • Stand: this is the default setting; the bot will stand still and take any hit.
  • Jump: the bot will jump once each time it hits the ground.
  • Attack Light: the bot will always perform a neutral light attack when grounded.
  • Attack Heavy: the bot will always perform a down heavy attack when grounded.
  • Attack Air: the bot will jump once each time it is grounded and perform as many neutral aerials as it can while airborne.
  • Evasive: the bot will attempt to evade you; if you are far away it will hover around the opposite edge, if you are close it will attack you to knock you away.

Each bot setting will attempt to recover if hit off the stage.

Additionally, each of the regular bot difficulties can be selected as an AI Setting (Pushover, Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme, Chosen). The difference with these modes is that the player can choose to make the bot Use Certain Attacks. This will make the bot only use certain moves, and includes options for Light Attacks, Signatures, Ground Attacks, Air Attacks, or any single specific attack.


Reactions can be set to change how the bot reacts to attacks. This can be used to practice specific situations, such as how to react if you are predicting your opponent to dodge in a certain direction.

Reactions can be enabled to make the bot Dodge in any direction, perform any Attack, or Jump in any direction. These can all be set to "Random", another useful tool to practice predicting your opponent's move. Additionally all three reactions can be set at the same time, so you could have your bot jump and dodge after an attack, or jump and perform a gravity-canceled attack.


At the very bottom are several Reset options. The player can chose if they want the bot's Damage and Position to reset. When either are turned on, the option to change the Reset Mode is shown, with two options: "Timed", which resets the damage/position a certain amount of time after the bot has stopped taking damage, or "When Grounded", which resets the bot a little bit after they have touched the ground.

There is also the option to Set Damage, which does not need to be used with the reset options but will reset to that amount of damage. This is very useful to see either how much damage a combo does or if a combo will KO your opponent.

Catch Bombs Training

Catch Bombs map

Catch Bombs Training sets the Player onto a single platform with little moving space available. Bombs are then tossed at the player from multiple directions. The goal of this training is to catch as many bombs in a row as possible without being hit, falling off, or missing a bomb and letting go off-screen. If the player is hit or misses a bomb, their score is reset. This mode is useful for training the Player's reaction time in regards to catching thrown items such as bombs, mines, and spike balls in scenarios where simply dodging the thrown item is not possible.

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