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Strikeout! Choose a different Legend to play as for each stock.

Strikeout is one of the gamemode variations in Brawlhalla. It is most notably available for play in the Strikeout 1v1 matchmaking mode.


As a gamemode variation, Strikeout can be applied to a multitude of other gamemodes, affecting the rule set slightly.

With Strikeout mode enabled, players will chose 3 different Legends to play at the beginning of the round (this can be changed in Custom Online matches to be 2 - 5 Legends). Each player will start the match playing as the first Legend they selected. Whenever a player gets KO'd, they will respawn as the next Legend they selected. The goal of this gamemode is to KO your opponents and be the last player standing.

If Strikeout mode is enabled on a gamemode with lives, the range of lives that can be set is limited down to 2 - 5.

Applicable Modes

The Strikeout mode variation can be applied to the following gamemodes:


  • Prior to Patch 8.07, Strikeout was treated like a regular gamemode in custom lobbies, and could only be played in Stock format.

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