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Touchdown! Score a touchdown by taking the Brawlball into the enemy goal!

Brawlball is one of the gamemode available in Brawlhalla. It can be played in Custom Online matches and is sometimes available as the Brawl Of The Week. It was also used as the Seasonal Ranked Queue in the Season 21.


In Brawlball, two teams compete against each other. The main objective is to pick up the Brawlball in the center, and get goals by standing in your opponent's goal-field while holding the Brawlball. Normally the first team to 5 points wins, however this can be changed in Custom Online lobbies.

Only one stage is available for play in Brawlball. On this stage, each team spawns on their respective sides, and the Brawlball spawns in the middle. On each side is a single weapon, a team-colored pillar, and the team's goal-field. The team-colored pillars are unique in that players can walk through their own team's pillar, but can't walk through the opposing team's pillar.

In the middle of the stage is the Brawlball, which both teams are competing to pick up. As with most Gadgets, only unarmed players can pick up the Brawlball, and will drop the Brawlball if hit by an opponent. If the Brawlball falls off the stage, it will respawn in the center of the stage. If a player stands in the opponent's goal-field for about a second while holding the Brawlball, they will score a point for their team. At this point, all players respawn on their respective side, and the Brawlball respawns on the side of the team that was just scored on.

When standing inside the goal holding the brawlball, the goal slowly gathers "points", visually represented with a bar filling up from the bottom. Once the goal reaches 39 points, a goal is scored. Point gain works as follows:

  • While standing on the ground - The goal gains 1 point every frame. The goal will fill up after 39 frames (0.65 seconds).
  • While hovering in the air - The goal gains 0.3 points every frame. The goal will fill up after 130 frames (~2.16 seconds).
  • When nobody is standing on the goal - The goal loses 0.1 points every frame. A full goal would become empty after 390 frames (6.5 seconds).

Players that are dodging are not considered to be inside the goal.


Brawlball has two unique maps that can be played on:


The following settings can be configured for Brawlball matches in Custom and Offline lobbies:

Setting Default Range
Teams On
Team Damage Off Off/On
Match Time 15:00 Online: 1:00 - 15:00
Offline: 1:00 - 15:00 or ∞
Round Time 0:45 Online: 0:15 - 5:00
Offline: 0:15 - 5:00 or ∞
Score to Win 5 1 - 20 or ∞
Damage 100% 50% - 300%
Weapons Enabled Enabled/Disabled
Test Features Off Off/On
Max Players 4 2 - 8

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