100 Million Brawlers Event

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The 100 Million Brawlers Event is a special, one-time event held celebrating 100 million players in Brawlhalla.

Many special festivities are held during this event, including:

Event Duration

This event is a one-time event, only being held in 2023.

Year Dates Duration
2023 May 18 — June 7 3 weeks


Many limited-time rewards can be earned for free during this event.

Item Acquisition
One In 100 Million
Login during the event.
AniAvatar 100 Million Brawlers.gif
100 Million Brawlers
Color Raven's Honor.png Bödvar Raven's Honor.png
Raven's Honor
Win a matchmaking game with a Legend during the event to earn colors for that Legend.
Winning a game as all Legends unlocks the color for all future Legends.
Emoji GG Fenrir.png
Fenrir GG
Earn 10,000 XP in matchmaking games.

Daily Sale Rotation

For each day during the event, a different set of items go on sale. Each of these sets have a special theme to them.

Date Theme and Sales
5/18 Eternal Sports
5/19 Court Jester
5/20 Space Opera
5/21 Death Reaper
5/22 Streetwear
5/23 Jaguar Kingdom
5/24 Traditional Theme
5/25 Shogun Theme
5/26 World Mythologies Theme
5/27 Futuristic Theme
5/28 High Fantasy Theme
5/29 Darkheart Theme
5/30 Cyberpunk Theme
5/31 Arctic Theme
6/1 Comic Book Theme
6/2 Western Theme
6/3 Fangwild Theme
6/4 Apocalypse Theme
6/5 Villainous Theme
6/6 Macabre Theme

Additionally, Street Fighter items go on sale from June 2nd to June 4th to celebrate the release of Street Fighter 6:

Date Theme and Sales
6/2 - 6/4 Street Fighter 6 Celebration

Brawl of the Day

For the duration of the event, Brawl Of The Week changes daily.

Date Gamemode
5/18 Kung Foot 2v2
5/19 3v3 Skirmish (Team Stock match)
5/20 Crew Battle 2v2
5/21 Bombsketball 2v2
5/22 KO Mania! (1v1, 5 stocks, 300% damage)
5/23 Brawldown 2v2
5/24 Capture the Flag 3v3
5/25 Buddy 1v1
5/26 Bubble Tag (2v2, Ghost Brawl)
5/27 Walker Attack!
5/28 Volleybrawl 2v2
5/29 Gamemaster's Doom (Dice & Destruction 4-player FFA)
5/30 Strikeout Mania! (Strikeout, 1v1, 5 stocks, 300% damage)
5/31 Switchcraft 2v2
6/1 Morph 1v1
6/2 - 6/3 Street Brawl 1v1
6/4 Bounty Hunting (4-player FFA, 200% damage)
6/5 Showdown 2v2
6/6 Temple Climb 4-player FFA